Why I Dress Up When Riding


I love dressing up. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not wearing silk on a daily basis. And I’m not shopping like crazy anymore but I do have a fun wardrobe that I like to wear on a daily basis. I also like to bike.

Why I Dress Up When Riding?

Because I am not into athletic clothing, and I love to have fun with fashion. In fact, my bike is also an accessory!

You would think that it would be difficult to marry those two loves but it’s not. You just have to spend some time thinking about the following: where you’re going, the weather, and how long it will take you to get to your final location.

Where Are You Going ?

If I’m going for a quick ride to the grocery store, I probably won’t  “dress up.” But, I will put on a cute pair of jeans and a nice blouse and maybe throw on a cute pair of sunglasses and get to the store. If I’m going to an event and am a little dressier I think about the things that I need to bring. Such as a pair of flat shoes so that I could ride my bike comfortably. And sometimes a change of blouse because who wants to arrive to a fun event…smelly?

What’s the Weather Doing?

I tend to avoid riding in inclement weather. In fact, the weather in Colorado is crazy. It could be warm at one point in the day and then snow later on. Or, we could be hit by a ton of crazy rain or wind. Currently we’ve had 19 days of rain. It’s absolutely gorgeous and green out but I hate riding in the rain.  So, I try to make sure that I check the weather report so that I can arrive at my destination looking as nice as I would like to.

How Long Will It Take To Get There?

I think this is an important question to ask yourself as you start getting prepared for a stylish ride. How long will it take to get to arrive at your final destination? I love riding in skirts and a cute blouse but if I’m going on a crazy long ride I might modify my outfit so that I can ride much more comfortably. Or, I will ride in a cute t-shirt and then change my shirt once I arrive at my destination.

I love that I’m not the only biker out there who enjoys being stylish on the road. There are a number of great websites that focus on stylish bike riding such as: www.bikestylish.com, www.bikepretty.com, and www.velo-city-girl.blogspot.co.uk. There are also a number of fantastic Pinterest boards that you can follow including BikeLife Cities’ Bike Fashion board where we share tons of fashion inspiration for the fashionable bicyclist!

I think a lot of people are hesitant to ride bikes because they have visions of Spandex and bike shoes. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with those items, they might not be for everyone. I love that there are people out there like me who are wanted to add biking to their life without changing their fashion personality.

Do you like to dress up while riding your bike?