b'By JUSTIN BLEDSOEDOWNTOWNBicycle StorageLock and leave with confidenceH ave you ever noticed those grey industrial-looking containers in parking garages and around office buildings? Those big, sturdy boxes are actually secure, weatherproof storage for bikes! Called the AK Bikebox, it offers four individualbike group social media pages, and reading crim-compartments with independently locking doorsinal activity reports involving bicycle thefts and that open into your personal secure storage room.vandalism.Think of it as a garage for your bike and its acces- If you have ever secured your valuable bike to sories when you are out and about. The first loca- a rack, street sign or other immovable object, tion is up and running on the corner of 7th Ave- you know that nagging feeling that it might not nue and G Street, with many more on the horizonbe there when you return. You are not overreact-for downtown and midtown Anchorage.ing. Anchoragelike many citiesis facing an increasing My wife Katie and I created AK Bikebox last summer afterproblem with bike theft. we started mountain biking. Trail and off-road riding wereLast year 557 bicycles were reported stolen, yet only 70 fun, but when we wanted to ride our bikes downtown towere ever recovered. As bicycles become increasingly more grab a bite to eat, we soon became aware of the serious safe- expensive, they also become more of a target for theft. Like ty and security issues at hand. We had developed a healthyme, you have probably locked your bike outside of a restau-skepticism about bike security after talking with many cy- rantbutmadesureyoucouldseeitthroughawindow clists about their own unfortunate experiences, scanningwhile dining. As you try to enjoy your meal, you constantly 10 |UrbanStreets Anchorage'