b'Think of it as a garage for your bike and its accessories when you are out and about. glance out the window to make sure your prized possession is still there.We got tired of this stress. Knowing that there must be othercyclistswiththesameconcern,wedecidedtodo something about it. AK Bikebox was born.Searching for an alternative to bike locks and racks, we took inspiration from other communities that were expe-DOWNTOWN riencingthisproblem.Seattle,PortlandandMinneapolis have incorporated bicycle boxes into their transportation infrastructure plans. If you travel the streets of Seattle, you will see bicycle boxes placed around city transit centers, in-Bicycle Storage cluding bus and train stations. Their overarching goal is to promote public transportation in a safe and secure environ-ment while reducing the footprint of motor vehicles. If you want to ride your bike as part of your daily commute, you can store it in a Bikebox before you take the train downtown. Motivated by other cities successes, we started evaluating top-quality bicycle security products to bring up to Alaska.Aftersignificantresearch,wesettledonamanufactur-er out of the Midwest.The boxes are made of a polymer material similar in appearance to fiberglass but much stron-ger. Our frigid Alaskan winters create an added complexi-ty when choosing the structural material. Metal containers appear to be secure, but cold weather increases the risk of frozen doors and locks. Since our Bikebox design was man-ufactured in Michigan, we knew that its functionality was originally formulated for brutal midwestern winters.Each locker operates utilizing a smartphone app called Movatic. The rental process is incredibly easy: simply find the Bikebox you want on the map, enter your payment in-formation and click Rent. An additional benefit is that your Bikebox can be rented before arrival, thus ensuring that you have storage waiting when you arrive.As a community, if we want to improve and promote bi-cycle use around town, we need to know that our bikes are safe when were not riding them.AK Bikebox offers you that sense of security. With your help, we can all make An-chorage a more bicycle-friendly city.UrbanStreets Anchorage |11'