b'is a teenager and doesnt visit the parks as often, sheenjoystakinghertwo-year-oldsisterAde-line to the playgrounds. From accessible swings to musical instruments, the parks are meant for everyone to enjoy. The Chugach Foothills Park is a great example of this. According to Maeve Nev-ins-Lavtar, Senior Park Planner with Anchorage Parks and Recreation, Chugach was designed with themes of science and art in mind and built with musicalinstrumentseasilyaccessedbywheel-chairs and used by everyone. Weve learned a lot about including people in play over the years, says Beth Nordlund, Execu-tive Director of the Anchorage Park Foundation. Music,swingingandquietplacesarefeatures that help people join in play. We still talk about in-creasing access to play with level and safe play sur-facing, but now we know designing playgrounds with everyone in mind makes playgrounds more appealing,safeandfun.Thehealthbenefitsof play-for-all makes this work rewarding, but fun makes each neighborhood a better place.DuetoCOVID-19,additionalplaygroundcon-structionisslightlydelayedandmanygroup events are canceled. Because of this unexpected pause,APFispivotingitseffortstomakeplay more accessible by launching a series of videos starringtheusersoftheinclusiveplaygrounds. AnnaandLeahBoltzarefeatured,alongwith Cheri Scott, co-founder of Stone Soup Group, and her son Justin. The parks are safe, fun spaces to visit, as long as visitors followThere are now 35 inclusive playgrounds in An-COVID-19 protocols. Visitors are encouraged to stay at leastchorage and Eagle River, with 14 at Level 1, the six feet away from others, recreate only with close friends andhighestlevelofaccessibility.Fournewplay-family members, and avoid playgrounds that are congested.grounds at Taku Lake, Elderberry, William B. Ly-Also frequently wash your hands. Visit APFs website for moreons and Tikishla parks will be built in 2021.information about inclusive play: anchorageparkfoundation.org. The mission of the Anchorage Park Foundation and Anchorage Parks and Recreation has always LEVEL ONE PLAYGROUNDS (highest level of inclusivity) been to support healthy parks and healthy people. The creation of the inclusive playgrounds is a stepCampbell Park PlaygroundFish Creek Park Playground towards promoting healthy lifestyles and makingCuddy Family Mid-Town Park Frontierland Park Playgrounddestinations where people of all abilities can be Playground (Under 2020 Construction) active, happy and healthy. Balto Seppala Park PlaygroundJewel Lake Park PlaygroundDave Rose Park Playground (Under 2020 Construction) David Green Memorial Park Kincaid Park PlaygroundPlaygroundChanshtnu Muldoon ParkDAWN GROTH,RN, BSN, MSOEE,is with Duldida Park Playground Playground the State of Alaskas Physical Activity and South Anchorage Sports ParkNutrition department.Eagle River CommonsPlayground MORIAH PARKER is a professionalPlayground writing intern at the University of Alaska Fairview Indoor Playground Anchorage. (Under 2020 Construction)14 |UrbanStreets Anchorage'