b'AMATSBPACBicycleRide Legend E X C I T I N G N E WBICYCLE INFRASTRUCTURE9810765BOSCOS2301 Spenard Road 4START/ 12 11 Checking out the Bicycle Biking along Peterkin Street 13FINISH 3 BoulevardShared Roadway on 10th Avenue1 14withBicycleSharetheRoadMarkings BPAC takes a test drive215Story and Photos By JONI WILM16 T his fall, the AMATS Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee spent our N2020Google 1mi2020Google quarterly meeting on bikes, touring new and planned bicycle and pedestrian in-frastructure around Anchorage.We met at Boscos Comic Shop in Spenard and embarked on a 17-plus-mile ride to explore new pedes- them were a result of hard work by the Anchorage com-trian improvements, including wide sidewalks and land- munity which planned, engineered, built and supported scaping, bike lanes, shared roadways, bicycle boulevardsbetter bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure. Thank you, and Anchorages first protected bicycle facility.Many ofAnchorage, for making our city a great place to walk and these projects were funded through AMATS and all ofbike.Below is our route map.AMATS Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee take a well-deserved break on theShip Creek Trail.16 |UrbanStreets Anchorage'