b'Prevent Bike TheftDont let a thief ruin your ride by ANDRIA CROSSI BIKE THEFT PREVENTION TIPS: bet you ride a bicycle for the same reasons I doto enjoy our hundreds of miles of multi-purpose paths, to live a fun and healthy lifestyle, to leave your car at home and to contribute to better air quality in the Municipality of Anchorage. Note the serial number, a physical description of your bike and take pictures of your bicycleA good bike is typically not cheap. Regardless if it was $100 or more than $1,000, all bikeInscribe your bicycle with your 7-digit Alaskaowners want to preserve that investment. Unfortunately, bike theft can occur anytime andDrivers License Numberanywhereon our scenic trails, at the coffee shop, or even when your bike is stored at home. Use the information to register your bike onlineHundreds of bicycle theft reports are documented each year by the Anchorage PoliceNationalBicycleRegistry:https://bikeindex.org/Department but, unfortunately, only a minor percentage of these stolen bikes are returned Project529:https://project529.com/garageto their owners. If your bike is stolen, report it to the police by calling 907-786-8900. You canUse a high-quality U-lock or U-lock and cable set, increase the odds of it being returned by providing some simple but critical information: awhich are more secure than cable-style locksphysical description of your bike (make, model and color) and the serial number of your bike. Serial numbers are typically engraved under the bottom bracket, which is where the two pedalLock your bike frame AND front wheelcranks come together. together to the rackBy taking a few preventative measures, its possible to greatlyStore your bike at home in a secure area like a reduce the likelihood of your bike being stolen. Use these tips togarage or a locked shedkeep your bike protected so you can safely enjoy our awesomeLock your bike in a visible area and check on it trails, your work commute, or your favorite spots around Anchor- regularly while unattended (even if you areage. Dont let theft ruin your ride! stepping away for a short period of time)ANDRIA CROSS is the Environmental Health Educator for the Anchorage Health Department.UrbanStreets Anchorage |23'