b'by LYNN GUISSINGERA re you thinking of buying an electric bike? Do it! As Alaska E-Bike shop own-er Cary Shiflea puts it, Its so amazing to see new riders jump on an e-bike. Its such a fun way to approach biking and then the fitness comes along with it.One question that often aris-es if you are considering pur-chasing an electric mountain bike or fat bike is, where can you ride it?Luckily, there are several great trail systems where e-bikes are allowed in and around Anchorage. Out-side of town, legal access to good trail systems on federal and state public lands hasnt been as clear. In fact, that access is changing as various land management agencies are addressing old classifi-cations to modernize e-bike management policies.E-BICYCLE OFF-ROAD ACCESS UrbanStreets Anchorage |25Where can you ride on trails?'