b'Does Your Home Telecommuting works! Fit You Anymore?Once upon a time, your house was your home and your office was your place of work. Youd spend most of the day at the office and your home was to escape, to relax, to check out. But in the pandemic, your office may have gone away. Now you are home all the time because it is also your office.Maybe your house doesnt fit you anymore. What to do?a work areasay, the dining room tableuse containers, The good news is that you dont need to move, you just needbaskets and portable files to keep things tidy and moveable.fresh eyes to multi-purpose existing spaces. Consider these:Lastly, a fresh coat of paint can recreate the space a guest bedroom, a workout room, a nook under the stairs,literally and figuratively. Stick with soothing, not bold, colors.the laundry room, a large hallway, a walk-in closet. Many canThe result? A new work environment to meet this new be outfitted with a desk, a chair and storage tools to make aworlds challenges, one that allows you to be productive, functioning, comfortable office. efficient and calm.Where to start? First, try thinking outside the box to determine what could function as your work area. Look atTELEWORKING: 5 tips for Success by Smart Commuteyour rooms not simply as what they have been designed for,1.Create a specific work space.but with an objective perspective. 1Secondly, define what the space will be used for. Keep2.Think ergo-friendly, such as a supportive chair and 2the work area focused and specific to allow the rest of thehaving your computer screen at eye level.room to continue to function as needed. If it is a guest room, consider replacing the regular bed with a space-saving33.Establish a daily routine that you can stick to.Murphy bed. If it is a den, reduce some of the furniture.4.Communicate regularly with your company, stay Thirdly, make it nicer! Get a comfortable chair, an4engaged with office conversations, actively update your attractive desk and interesting art for the wall above it.manager on your work progress.Remove anything that you dont use or dont like. Surround 5.Set daily productivity goals and share results with your yourself with things that speak to you and make you feel5good.If there isnt a space that can be solely dedicated tomanager so he/she knows what you are working on.UrbanStreetsAnchor 15UrbanStreets 29Anchoraagege'