b'BECOMING AN ARTISTTemte has been creating art in Anchorage for more than a decade. His passion began with finger-painting a flower in kindergarten. He remembers loving the bright colors and rubbing his knuckles on the paper to make the pet-A community with art is a community with cul- als. That initial spark led him to pursue art classes from grade school through college. When he moved to Alaska ture. Cities that foster local artists are rewardedto pursue a masters degree in Environmental Science at the University of Alaska Anchorage, Temte returned to with a wide, wonderful range of benefits. Art canhis passion by taking painting classes again. These class-create opportunities for political expression, shared cul- es led to a full dive into the local arts scene. Attracted to more abstract styles, Temte began working on large-scale tural expression and community dialogue. And Anchor- murals. In 2015, his pieces started appearing in Anchor-age is one of those cities, thanks to James Temte. age galleries, First Friday events and at restaurants. Tem-te was awarded the Artist in Residency at Denali National Park in 2017 and he has taught art and curated gallery ex-hibits at the Alaska Pacific University ever since.ALASKA MURAL PROJECTMurals have always appealed to Temte. As a child he would ask his mother to drive a specific route to the gro-cery store, just to see the murals in his neighborhood. WhenhebeganhisworkinscienceatUAA,hereal-ized that murals could be a way to engage and educate a 32 |UrbanStreets Anchorage'