b'community and facilitate working in a way that wasWHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? meaningful and gave residents pride in their built en- Murals create vibrant public spaces that are cel-vironment. Temte thought that this program couldebrated, where people slow down to walk and bike. serve as a catalyst bringing together building owners,Anchorage is designed right now to be efficient for funders and artists. Through his own mural work,vehicles. Creating more walkways and bikeways with Temte knew what materials and tools were necessarymurals brings a value to slowing down and to enjoy to accomplish this, plus he was familiar with creat- the art. In 2021 the Alaska Mural Project will host a ing contracts between artists and building owners.mural jam for local artists, showcasing up to 10 new His experience helped launch a program that fostersworks to be created in the month of May. transparencybetweenallpartiesandlogisticalin-formation like insurance and image rights that helpsTherearemanyaspectstoAnchoragethatare smooth the way for artists. In 2019, after facilitatinguniqueandenhancethequalityoflifehere.The murals for several years on Native American reserva- people are amazing. The diversity is wonderful. The tions in the lower 48 states, James started the Alaskaproximity to the mountains and the wilderness is a Mural Project, a program that celebrates art, urbangreat jumping off point for exploration on every level. beautification,creativityandculture.TheprogramAnchorage is special and worthy of slowing down to centers around empowering artists and is committedsee and to enjoy.to reflecting and diversifying the urban landscape and the unique voice of a community. It brings art out of the galleries and into the streets. The program is a collaboration between local artists, downtown busi- TO BECOME INVOLVED IN THE ALASKA MURAL PROJECT ,ness owners, The Anchorage Downtown Partnership,go to alaskamuralproject.com or emailthe Alaska Mural Project and the SEED Lab at theJames Temte at alaskamuralproject@gmail.com.Anchorage Museum. UrbanStreets Anchorage |33'