b'`ANCHORAGEHello!by thefrom UrbanStreets Anchorage numbersow! A lot has changed since this time last25.7 W year.Most importantly, we are in the middlemiles of bike lanesof a major pandemic.COVID-19 has upend-ed our daily lives in ways unlike anything most of us have experienced.With so many people working from home,541making do without daycare, trying their best to keep their Johnsonsevere job loss and cuts to Anchorages hospitality andmiles planned by childrenlearningthroughonlineclasses,dealingwith Photo: Amber tourism industries and other employers, times have been2028tough to say the least.This pandemic has tested the strength of our local governments and our medical preparedness.It has also tested both our mental and physical health as we take measures that isolate us from our family, friends and coworkers. More than ever, I am grateful for the ability to get out- 71 milesside on our citys multi-use trails, bicycle lanes and sidewalks. I am grateful to be livingof bikeway in Alaska, where I can escape to the mountains with my dogs and lose myself in the beauty that surrounds us.I am grateful for the infrastructure that allows us places to(paved shoulders)connect with each other at a safe distance.Our trails, pathways, parks, outdoor eating and gathering spaces, parking lots that have been converted into COVID-19 testing lo- 180 milescations, local restaurants and farmers markets have become a lifeline for the Anchorage community.In terms of resiliency, our urban streets have proven to be more valuableof sidepaths than any of us could have imagined.(secondary pavedshared-use pathways)In this issue of UrbanStreets Anchorage youll learn about:OperatingbustransitinthetimeofCOVID-19 18-mile longGettingaroundAnchoragewithasightdisability Tony KnowlesCreatingcommunitythroughartPreventingbiketheftinAnchorage Coastal TrailNewbicycleandpedestrianinfrastructureAnd more! # 47Please stay safe and healthy during these challenging times.I hope that you have been able to get outside and enjoy all that Anchorage has to offer through our built environ- of Americas ment.Great cities foster great community and we are lucky to have so many dedicatedBest 50 Bike Citiespeople in Anchorage who have worked hard to create these spaces where we can live, Bicycling magazinework and play. Lets continue to take stock of all we have accomplished and know that if we continue to take care of our city, it will continue to take care of us.Silver-Level Joni Wilm Bicycle Friendly CityLeague of American BicyclistsSenior Transportation PlannerBicycle and Pedestrian CoordinatorUrbanStreets Anchorage |5'