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Kincaid Park Cam pbell Lake Jewel Lake Sand Lake Delong Lake Lake Spenard Lake Hood Connors Lake Taku Lake Otis Lake Goose Lake WestchesterLagoon U Potter Marsh J o i n t B a s e E Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport Merrill Field Ruth Arcand Park Mountain Bike Trails Tony Knowles Coastal Tra il Ship Creek Trail C ell C reek Trail anie Fleischer Chester Creek Trail Earthquake Park 20th G K N 80th Aero Fairchild Pease Spruce Viking Arctic 30th C Cange Jade S Cleo Rasp b erry Bluff 5th Jerome Spar Blackberry Whitney U Shore PointWoronzof 34th 65th 67th 79th 16th Homer FolkerOld Klatt Aircraft 69th Peterkin Lucy 47th A Lakes hor e Westpark Mary Laurel Klatt Toy Huffman GanderSunrise Dora Lang 3rd 95th Legacy Strawberry Victor Toloff Pa 46th 120th Mead 56th West Perimeter Tudor Fiji Mentra West End Woo Lake H ood H illcrest Jarvi F Irwin Avion Mc Phee Bays hore Spring Vernon Bietinger 70th Flower Flyway 58th Independence 19th 96th Tahiti Humphrey Manor Stella Norene Aspen Taiga Ship 54th Penland Mc Rae Ship Creek Brayton Killey ForestPark Wagner 72nd Forest Mona Vi 68th Erin 144th LocLoman 81st Terry Loussac LakeO t is Lois 25th Tasha 21st Wright Nugget Oly mpic Elim 78th 44th Pintail ildien rd Electron Garnet Hollywood Dale Spirit 63rd 90th Medfra Macinnes Western Sitka Skyhills 87th Turnagain OBrien 82n Rocky Ensign 42nd Ervin Arkansas Petersburg Zurich Bounty Mainsail Helen Vanguard Spartan Doroshin Fischer Foraker Cope Hace Dave Alu mni Old International Airport Lockheed Gregory Merganser Hane Norm M ountain View Ingram 13th Collins Chinook Sentry Snowshoe Piper Northway Chugach Barr Opal Bree Greenwoo Bran CarlBrady 41st Sylvan Kavik Dailey Turquoise AirGuard Jarvis vin Sandlewood Milky Way Wellness 89th Hayes Orbit Am ber Bay Ascot Linden Wilcox Bannister Columbine Summer Dr M 84th Orca Endicott Arca Ca che Marston Spinn aker Truro Thuja Taft Caravelle BusinessPark Kitlisa Young Eastwind Petersburg SouthAirpark Airport Access Nichols Lowell Linda Roger Oregon Portage Weimer 71st ArcticSpur Centerpoint Wisteria 51st LittleBrook Satellite Oxford Cedar Azurite Academy A dmiralty Bay Colony Jamestown Delong Kayak Eide 83rd Bridle Lumbis Bennett Latouche Atwood Thomasson Cedrus cKenzie AirportHeights Florina Maplewood Bearberry Fairbanks Porter Grumma Tower Ptarmigan Terrace Floatplane Industrial Greenhill JewelLake De Havilland Winchester Kissee Lewis Wan dering Ellen Energy 114th Nancy Timberlane Topaz 55th Nadine Dennis Oceanview Rockwell Patriot Northwood Morgan Gambell Papa Shady Kay Nordale Bravo Jason Casey Loc Sault Hunter Bell Genny Tahoe ArcticBlvd ve Seaport Zelma King Gwenn Coach Borealis 9th 56th 67th B 32nd Klevin 86th 84th 64t Cleo 2nd 10th 73rd Orca 112th 75th 46th Karluk 5 42nd Laurel 48th 72nd er 100th Brayton 69th Ingra Olive SewardHighway East Tudor Road West Dimond Boulevard East 5th Avenue PostmarkDrive West Northern Lights Boulevard IngraStreet SandLakeRoad MinnesotaDrive LStreet West Tudor Road West International Airport Road West 5th Avenue East Dimond Boulevard OMalley Road SewardHighway CStreet LatisParkway AStreet Road ElmoreRoad De Armoun Road 3rd Avenue Spea oad 15th Avenue 36th Avenue Lore Road JewelLakeRoad KingStreet Post Road EStreet Dowling Road Old Sewa IStreet Fireweed Lane BwStreet NorthwoodStreet Kincaid Road JohnsRoad WisconsinStreet Raspberry Road Potter Drive Loop Road Dimond Boulevard 76th Avenue ReeveBoulevard Southport Drive UAADrive Commercial Drive LatoucheStreet VictorRoad NorthwoodDrive Point Woronzof Drive JodhpurStreet 100th Avenue 88th Avenue OceanDockRoad 100th Avenue ElmoreRoad ElmoreRoad OldSewardHighway n Blvd 104th 47th 32nd 50th 88th 35th ny Dowling 96th 66th 25th 40th 17th 31st 80th 42nd Spruce 64th 12th 92nd 58th 13th A 8th Taft 1st Avenue 72nd Eagle 16th 80th 64th 80th 4th 9th 46th 40th 26th 142nd Orca 10th Klatt 2nd Cord 34th 27th 1st LakeOtisParkway 40th Earthquake Park Elderberry Park Delaney Park Strip detourroutesandconstructionupdates httpwww.muni.orgDepartmentsparksPagesChesterCreekImprovements2.aspx Downtown Construction CHESTER CREEK TRAIL CLOSURE MayOctober2015 MOAParksDepartmentwillberepavingtheChesterCreekTrailfromArcticBlvd.toNicholsSt. 44 1818 11 1-21-2 2 dd 33 1010 11 1313 1414 1515 1616 1717 i 333 Legend Construction AreawithIncreasedBear ActivityEncounters NewBicycle Route BikeFriendly On-StreetRoute UnpavedRoute BikeShop School VisitorInfoi B NNihhl 1-21-21-21-2 4477thh g Kla 68th yy 444444444 333 111111555 111111 88888 a 99 EiddeiE Ch e NN ad o rtteeee Opening October312015 Bike Shops with corresponding map numbers 19 Arctic Cycles October - March 907 351-8545 1941 Hamilton Drive 18 Paramount Cycles 907 336-2453 1320 Human Park Drive 17 Chain Reaction Cycles 907 336-0383 12201 IndustryWay Unit 2 16 Play It Again Sports 907 272-7529 8840 Old Seward Hwy. 14 Webike Bicycle Repair 907 245-3669 8160 Fairwood Circle 907 15 The Bicycle Shop 222-9953 1801 W Dimond Blvd. 13 York Cycles Inc. 907 646-4200 2520 E 68th Avenue 12 RTR Cycles 907 563-2054 3110 E 42nd Avenue 11 Second Cycles 907 334-9266 6020 Doncaster Drive 9 O the Chain 907 258-6822 1406 W 33rd Avenue 10 Trek Store of Anchorage 907 743-6000 530 E. Benson Blvd. Suite 9C 8 The Bicycle Shop 907 272-5219 1035 W Northern Lights Blvd. 7 REI 907 272-4565 1200 W Northern Lights Blvd. 6 Play It Again Sports 907 278-7529 2636 Spenard Road 4 Sunshine Fitness Sports 907 272-6444 123 E Fireweed Lane 5 Speedway Cycles 907 222-1967 1231 W Northern Lights Blvd 3 Downtown Bicycle Rental 907 279-3334 333 W 4th Avenue 206 2 Lifetime Adventures 907 232-9219 440 L Street 1 Pablos Bicycle Rental 907 272-1600 501 L Street ANCHORAGEA Anchorage Parks ANCgreenparks The Municipality of Anchorage publishes this map to help bicyclists navigate the streets and trails of Anchorage Eagle River and Girdwood. Be aware that potential hazards and obstructions may exist on the routes shown and Look for roads with bicycle lanes shoulders or paths or less busy streets. Evaluate routes based on your indivual bicycling ability and experience. Improve your biking skills take . Contact N