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PLENTY OF DIRT PEDALING FUN Our picks for great singletrack trails around Anchorage WHO IS BUILDING TRAILS Singletrack Advocates STA is a nonprot whose mission is to preserve maintain and create natural trails in the greater Anchorage area. Since its creation in 2004 STA has completed a number of great projects including The Brown Bear Project 2004 One mile of singletrack laboriously tooled by hand as a demonstration project. Hillside Singletrack Trail System 2008 This 8-mile system won an award in 2011 from the Coalition for Recreational Trails. Kincaid Park 2011 A 9-mile singletrack trail system on the south side of the park. Kincaid Park 2013 2014 8 miles of singletrack on the north side of the park. A variety of groups recreate and compete on the STA trails year round including mountain bikers Dirt Divas Mighty Bikes cyclocross and mountain bike races snow bikers runners Tuesday night races snowshoers skiers and hikers. Join the cause and help build more trails Learn more at is a go-to resource for mountain bike trail info and directions on how to get to the best trails. L ooking for some mountain bike fun within city limits Anchorage is host to close to 30 miles of great trails for singletrack riding for beginners on up. On a partnership with the International Mountain Biking Association IMBA mountain bikers note this about Anchorage From the ultimate beginner experience on the Campbell Tract to cross-country ow at Hillside Park to some new-school gravity at Kincaid Park Anchorage has one of the best and most diverse municipal trails networks in the U.S. Campbell Tract Flat singletrack and doubletrack trails great for beginner mountain bikers and families. Access the trail system from the Smoke Jumper Trailhead just off Elmore Road. Hillside Park This fun owy network of trails has lots of climbing and descending. Access trails from the Hilltop Ski Area or Prospect Heights parking area. Kincaid Park Trails are rockier and rootier with some fun climbs serving up challenges for more intermediate riders. Check out the map at right on where to ride RyanGreef Kincaid Park is host to a network of roller coaster-like singletrack trails like the QFB Trail that bend and dip through lush forest. Always be on the lookout for moose 20 BIKELIFE ANCHORAGE FUN STUFF