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Thea Agnew Bemben --- Planner Business Owner Anchorage Alaska TRAVEL WITH CARE. PLANNER. MOTHER. RIDES A BIKE. LETS ALL GET HOME SAFE. Paid for by AMATS Holly Brooks --- Olympian Anchorage Alaska TRAVEL WITH CARE. OLYMPIAN. WIFE. RIDES A BIKE. PLEASE DONT TEXT AND DRIVE. Paid for by AMATS Anchorage Alaska TRAVEL WITH CARE. NON-PROFIT DIRECTOR. FATHER. RIDES A BIKE. Paid for by AMATS SHARE THE ROAD. O lympian. Former governor. Non-prot director. Mother. What do these people have in common They are all people who live in Anchorage and also ride bikes. And theyre all part of a campaign by Anchorage Metropolitan Area Transportation Solutions AMATS to help raise awareness about bicycle and pedestrian safety in Anchorage and encourage everyonefrom people on bikes to people on foot and in carsto Travel With Care. We were inspired by the People For Bikes campaign because it humanizes bicycle riders as a neighbor a friend someones mother husband or child explains Joni Wilm AMATS Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator. AMATS is partnering with state and local municipal agencies on the Travel With Care campaign. TRAVEL WITH CARE CAMPAIGN Locals help to raise awareness about bike and ped safety There are even more people posters to come Theyll be featured on the AMATS website Muni.orgDepartmentsOCPDPlanningAMATS PagesDefault.aspx plus ancmetroplanning and Twitter AMATS_planning. They might appear on People Mover buses too as well as in local newspapers. Keep your eyes pealed