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MIX AND MATCH MODES TO GET AROUND Bicyclists are always welcome on People Mover buses Learn more about People Mover routes and fares at Muni.orgDepartmentsTransitPeopleMoverPagesBikes.aspx. I ts easy to forget when you travel by bike that you dont have to finish or start your trip just on two wheels. If you need some help getting from point A to B and dont want to bike the whole way the People Mover buses are here to help All buses hold up to three bikes and loading your bike is simple. Just follow these easy steps. 1. Be sure to have your bike ready as the bus approaches. Remove items such as water bottles or packs. Let the bus operator know you will use the bike rack and load it while other passengers are boarding. Always approach the bike rack from the curb side. 2. Unfold the bike rack. Locate the hand latch at the top of the rack. Squeeze the latch to release from the upright vertical position. Fold out the rack to the horizontal position. You should be able to do this with one hand and hold your bike with the other. Scan this QR code for a fun video on how to load and unload your bike on a People Mover bus. PLEASE NOTE Bike racks are available on a first-come first-served basis. Bikes are not allowed inside a bus. Motorized bikes are not permitted and fat tire bikes will not fit in the rack. 3. Place bike in rack. Lift the bike onto the rack. Each wheel tray is labeled for the front wheel. The support arm will secure the front tire. Load bike in vacant position closest to bus. 4. Secure your bike. The support arm is spring loaded. Pull it straight out and place over the front tire. The support arm should rest on the tire not the fender or frame. 5. Unload your bike. Exit from the front door and let the bus operator know you will be unloading your bike. Pull the support arm away from the wheel and lift your bike from the wheel tray. If you are the last person to unload a bike return the rack to the upright position. AllphotosbyPeopleMoverWaydeCarrollPhotography 26 BIKELIFE ANCHORAGE NEWS NOTES