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Need-to-KnowsNeed-to-Knows Prepare for a Stop Anticipate your stop by shifting down into an easier gear. This assures a much quicker start. No time to downshift No problem. You can change your gears while stationary. How Three words ShiftLiftTurn. Easiest performed while standing to the side of your bike. 1. Shift your gear lever to an easier gear either right shifter to control rear derailleur or left shifter to control front derailleur. 2. Lift up the bike by the saddle with one hand to get rear wheel off ground. 3. Grab the pedal crank arm and rotate FORWARD until you hear a clean change of gears and no more grinding. Youre now in a low gear to start pedaling with more ease By Andrea Tollefsrud RIDING BUMPY STUFF Use your body for a shock absorber. Keep knees and arms bent gripping the bars. When approaching obstaclesrailroad tracks potholes debrisget up off the saddle very slightly no need to stand all the way to let bike oat underneath you. Keep pedals level at the 3 and 9 oclock position this allows for even weight distribution to right and left side of bike for better control and balance. Once through obstacle take a seat 28 BIKELIFE ANCHORAGE