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Quick and easy cycling tips for a safe and comfy ride ID Always carry some form of ID in case you get hurt or need to show identication. If you have a saddle bag make a copy of your drivers license and store in the bag. Check that brakes are not rubbing on the tire or rim Check by spinning the wheel off the ground. If rubbing center brakes. Check chain to be sure its adequately lubricated If it looks dirty or rusty add drops of lube to the chain while turning pedals backwards then wipe off excess lube with a rag. Check tire pressure and pump IF tires feel soft Not sure how much air to pump Check tire sidewall to nd the PSI number to pump to. Check Wheels Be sure theyre not wobbly and be sure quick-release lever is tight so wheel is locked into place. BEFORE EVERY RIDE EYES EARS Awareness is your friend. You need both eyes and ears when riding. That said its best not to wear headphones while biking. Check your local laws on headphone use. While you can see in front of you there is a whole world behind you that you need to hear and sense. Once A Month Check wheels brakes and shifting and suspension systems. YOUR HELMET SHOULD BE LEVEL ON YOUR HEAD not tilted back forward or to the side Adjust straps and tighten retention knob to achieve a snug level t. Leave two ngers of space between strap and underside of chin. Helmet t is tricky sometimes. Dont be afraid to ask your local bike shop staff or another experienced rider to help. BE HEARD Have a bell and dont be shy about using it. Be vocal. Whistle. Yell if you need to get noticed by a car you feel is a potential threat. When passing anyone ALWAYS announce yourself On your left. 29