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WINAPUBLICBIKE AND OTHER COOL PRIZES Facebook.comBikeLifeCities BikeLifeCities BikeLifeCities BikeLifeCities Sweepstakes closes August 31 2015. Winners will be posted on Facebook Twitter and Instagram. Winners must reside in the U.S. PublicMariadelRio2012 BIKE BAGS ACCESSORIES BUILT IN COLORADO USA. AVAILABLE ONLINE SELECT BIKE SHOPS AND REI. MEET CRW ENGINEERING GROUP Leading the charge for better bike infrastructure around Anchorage S ince 1981 CRW Engineering Group has been offering engineering services to the Anchorage region with a big focus on non-motorized transportation projects such as bike infrastructure design. It helps that the staff is full of daily bike commuters with a passion for improving infrastructure. BIKE REPAIR STATIONS Anchorage will welcome two new bike repair stations this summer thanks to CRW. Two Fixit bike repair stations are on their way shares Jessica Smith Communications Coordinator at CRW. Weve been working with the Municipalitys Parks and Rec Department and with a little bit of coordination were looking to install the stations this summer. Each station will have basic bike tools for adjustments along with a bike pump. Having your tires at the appropriate air pressure is one of the best ways you can prevent problems and injuries on your ride says Jessica. ANCHORAGE BICYCLE PLAN Approved in 2010 the Anchorage Bicycle Plan is nally kicking in to gear thanks to Anchorage Metropolitan Area Transportation Solutions AMATS. CRW is working on an array of bike plan implementation projects including on-road markings and signage. This implementation project is particularly amazing because we have CRW team members across multiple service lines working in an incredible coordination with Alaskas Department of Transportation Public Facilities and the Municipalitys engineering teams. Were all working together to promote safety and awareness for all classes of bicyclists through design shares Jessica. Its very exciting to see it all moving forward. CRW has set up a website with an interactive project map plus other helpful information at Read more about the Anchorage Bicycle Plan on page 8. NEWS NOTES