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BikeLife Boulder 13BikeLife Boulder 13 5coreprinciplesarefullyintegrated intotheprograms. INCLUSIVE All student athletes are encouraged to participate. No one is benched. EQUAL All student athletes are treated equally. Team scores are a combination of male and female points. STRONG BODY Improving fitness and wellness are at the center of training and education. STRONG MIND Student athletes are students first. STRONG CHARACTER Programs encourage riders to be leaders work hard respect others and give back. 1 3 2 4 5 Whatfolksaresaying The most important thing about my participation in the league was being able to see my teammates especially the newer ones get on a bike and then being able to do things they never imagined on two wheels. I was glad I was able to guide them and just give them someone to lean on and go to in the case of anything biking- or not biking-related. Student Athlete Thank you for granting me this scholarship. All youve done for my family and me has helped more than you possibly could have known. Mountain biking is one of my favorite activities and Im full of gratitude that you made this a possibility. Scholarship recipient The Colorado High School Cycling League has made such a positive impact in the lives of so many kids and families. I am blown away every time we show up at a race. I dont know how you people get it all done. I am a believer Parent History and Mission The Colorado League joined the National Interscholas- tic Cycling Association NICA in 2010. At the inaugural race 155 student-athletes from Colorado and southern Wyoming were on the start line. They represented 20 teams four of which were from Boulder County. Fast forward to 2015 866 student athletes competed repre- senting 58 teams from Casper Wyoming to Taos New Mexico. As a result of the Leagues 350 percent-plus growth the series split into two conferences. Boulder County now hosts seven teams. Boulder High has won five of six overall team competitions while Fair- view has earned several 2nd and 3rd team placements. Cross-country mountain biking continues to gain traction and school administrators are taking notice. At least 12 high schools awarded letters to mountain bikers in 2015. Formoreinformationortodonate please visit Kate Rau Executive Director established the Colorado League as a healthy focus for adolescents. PhotoKATEENG PhotoLINDSTROMPHOTOGRAPHY