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BIKING IN AND AROUND THE TOWN OF SUPERIOR has never been more fun. Boasting parks and amenities for its 13000 residents and visitors to enjoy the town is also host to miles of open space trails to the west check out the map Competi- tive bike racers flock to Superior in May for the annual Morgul Bike Race which culmi- nates with the infamous Morgul Bismarck road race. This years event is May 20-22. Check out for details. BIKE TO ONE OF SUPERIORS COMMUNITY EVENTS THIS SUMMER June 22 Bike to Work Day at the Superior Whole Foods July 4 4th of July Parade and Pancake Festival at Community Park September 10 Chili Fest and Boulder Valley Beer Fest at Community Park Pedal Superior BIG biking in a great small town Grabyourbike and ride the trails to some of Superiors family-friendly parks For more info visit F I N D I T I N S U P E R I O R MAINTAINED HARD- and SOFT-SURFACE TRAILS SAFE FAMILY-FRIENDLY ROUTES to community events and programs EASY CONNECTIVITY to neighboring towns and open space AND NOW The U.S. 36 Bikeway an 18-mile bike corridor from the Table Mesa RTD station in Boulder to 80th Avenue in Westminster is OPEN The bikeway provides safe and direct access to Superiors neighborhoods open space and parks. Rock Creek Park Cabin Park Fire Station Park South Pool Castle Park Pirate Park Eldorado K-8 Rock Creek Village Coalton Rd Coalton Rd M cCaslin Blvd SH 128 Broomeld Broomeld CastleCastle 2.9 miles Connects west to High Plains Trail Greenbelt Plateau Trailhead Eldorado Blvd On Trail Use Only Mt Sopris Way Honeycreek Ln Meadowlark Trail 0 0.25 0.5 Miles Legend US 36 Bikeway On Street Bike Route Trail Creeks Lakes Town of Superior Boulder Valley School District Boulder County Open Space County Boundary Coalton Trail Mayhoffer Singletree Trail Coyote Ridge Trail Rock Creek Regional Trail Coal Creek Regional Trail Underpass Boulder County Open Space Rock Creek Terminal Reservoir Autrey Reservoir Superior Elem FlatIron Crossing Mall India na St North Pool Circle Park 2.7 miles On Trail Use Only Dog Park Disc Golf Bike Hodgson Harris Reservoir Coal Creek Grasso Park Purple Park Superior Town Center Park Coal Creek Dr McCaslinBlvd U S 36 S.CoalCreekDr 88thStreet Rock Creek Pkwy Superior Cemetery Connects west to Cowdrey Draw Trail and Marshall Mesa Area 1.5 miles Coal Creek Louisville Founders Park Sagamore Parks Superior Marketplace Sycamore Street 76thStreet Marshall Rd Marshall Rd Parking Restrooms Town Hall Parks Rec Dillon Rd On Trail Use Only S.3rdAve S2ndAve Depot St Skills Autrey Park 18 BikeLife Boulder Download this map at