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22 BikeLife Boulder Become a Bicycle Friendly BusinessLet the League of American Bicyclists help W HY BECOME A BIKE FRIENDLY BUSINESS Because employees and customers want to invest in businesses that care care about the environment care about health and wellness and care about the community. Employ- ers around the country are realizing the benefits of becoming a Bicycle Friendly Business and thats why there are currently 1132 companies nationwide that have received recognition through the League of American Bicyclists Bicycle Friendly Business program. Share this list of bike friendly business benefits with your employer. Pursuing bike friendly designation doesnt have to fall on the shoulders of your employer it can be a company-wide initiative Are you ready to make this official Assemble a committee that is eager to adopt the following 4 Es into a robust Bicycle Friendly Business program ENCOURAGEMENT Bike friendly businesses incentivize bike travel via programming and em- ployee recognition. Create a sense of team among company staff management and leadership by participating in organized social rides employee bike clubs and events like Walk and Bike Month Bike to Work Day or commuter contests like the Love to Ride Challenge. Promote monetized bike-to-work incentives such as the Bicycle Commuter Tax Benefit a parking cash- out or Eco Pass program. ENGINEERING Bike friendly businesses supply basic infrastructure like secure bike parking a maintenance station and bike sharing opportunities to support bike-riding staff. Subsidize memberships for Boulders B-Cycle bike share program. Align with the citys recently adopted bike parking ordinance by providing ample convenient bike parking for employees and guests. Point your bike-riding staff toward citywide maintenance stations that make for easy on-the- go repairs like filling up a low tire. EDUCATION Bike friendly businesses support curious but hesitant riders by making bike safety information readily available. Compile and regularly refresh resources like bike maps tip sheets contacts at local bike shops and clearly defined bike riding incentives and opportu- nities for employees. Integrate bike friendly policies and safe cycling practices into your hiring packet orientation staff meetings intranet and newsletters. EVALUATION PLANNING Bike friendly companies set ambitious yet attainable goals to increase employee ridership. Track key metrics such as Bike to Work Day participation or the number of employees and customers on a bike listserv for measurable goals that your team can pursue and celebrate. Appoint a company bike program coordinator who oversees bike events resources incentives and facilities for the business. Currently more than 1000 pioneering companies nationwide are recognized as League of American Bicyclists Bicycle Friendly Businesses. Many Boulder businesses are already bike friendly. Why hesitate Contact GO Boulder staff now for assistance with your Bicycle Friendly Business application. Your business will receive customized consultation from City and League staff and upon approval gain local regional and national recognition for being bike friendly. GreenGuruGreenGuruGreenGuru UCARUCARUCAR UniversityUniversityUniversity Corporation forCorporation forCorporation for Atmospheric ResearchAtmospheric ResearchAtmospheric Research REIREIREI CatEyeCatEyeCatEye PeoplePeoplePeopleforforfor BikesBikesBikes CommunityCyclesCommunityCyclesCommunityCycles PolarPolarPolar BottleBottleBottle Polar Bottle PolarPolarPolar Bottle Polar Bottle Polar Bottle PolarPolarPolar Bottle Polar CatalystCommunicationCatalystCommunicationCatalystCommunication Join these local leadersJoin these local leadersJoin these local leaders that are alreadythat are alreadythat are already League-designatedLeague-designatedLeague-designated Bicycle Friendly BusinessesBicycle Friendly BusinessesBicycle Friendly Businesses