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BikeLife Boulder 37 COMINGGOING IN NORTH BOULDER A new 10-foot-wide multi-use path is opening along the west side of 28th Street between Iris Avenue the intersection near Safeway and the DMV and Yarmouth Avenue think Gateway Fun Cen- ter. The path will also feature a pedestrian- and bike-only bridge over the Fourmile Canyon Creek. Now residents of North Boulder can ride to Abos for a slice that much easier. RIDING AROUND CAMPUS Boulders newest underpass will go under Baseline Road just east of Broadway connect- ing the BaseMar Shopping Center home to Whole Foods and Republic Cycles with campus nearest to the Wolf Law building as well as several existing multi-use paths. It will replace the stoplight that is there now. This project will also feature bike parking a B-Cycle station landscaping and public art so on top of being safer it will be pretty too HAVE KIDS BIKING TO SCHOOL IN SOUTH BOULDER The north side of Hanover Avenue between Broadway and 46th Street will have a 10-foot-wide multi-use path of its own complete with curb extensions marked crosswalks and curb ramps. This path is funded by the federal Safe Routes to School program and will give parents even more peace of mind if their kids get to school by foot or bike. DO YOU TAKE THE DIAGONAL INTO BOULDER The stretch of the Diagonal Highway between 28th Street and Independence Road is getting a major facelift Brand new protected bike lanes and a multi-use path for pedestri- ans are going to be built to make it easier for those com- muting outside of cars. The pavement bus stops and me- dians will also be reconstructed and the project includes the planting of 300 trees plus landscaping public art and rain gardens which catch and filter rainwater to naturally remove pollutants. City Capital Projects BOULDERS ROADS ARE ON THE UP. These projects should help make your commute easier.