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T he more paths the more ways to explore them. This years B-360 ride on Sunday June 7starts and ends for the rst time ever at Valmont City Park. The free 26-mile event will take riders of all ages and abilities on a grand tour of Boulders bikeways through the open vistas of the east along Boulder Creek and through quaint neighborhoods at the citys north end. For those with excess energy to burn after circling the city Valmont Bike Park offers 42 acres of swooping paths and jumps for stomach- dropping thrills. Organizers of the B-360and the shorter option the B-180like to mix up the route each year to highlight new path connections. We thought it would be fun this year to use the citys premier bike park for the start and nish says Kristin Dean the city planner in charge. The rest stop with snacks and drinks B-360 route 26 miles B-180 route 16 miles 1 rest stop aT Aurora 7 Park along the Wellman Canal Path with treats from Whole Foods and drinks from Eldorado Natural Springs Water 1 post-ride party with free Ben Jerrys ice cream CIRCLE BOULDER BY BICYCLE The kick-off to Walk and Bike Month WHATS THE POINT OF BIKE PATHS In Boulder the system of bike routes began with greenways along Boulder Creek and some of its tributaries. So when you ride the bike paths of the B-360 youll be tracing your hydrological heritage. The streams and ditches that brought water to Boulders early farms and houses have become precious resources in our urban environment. The greenways help manage oods and protect habitat and water quality. With the addition of bike paths theyve become calm bucolic routes through a bustling city. More than a third of Boulders bikeways 58 miles of themare off-street paths which means no conicts with cars. With 79 underpasses along the paths you can get just about anywhere in Boulder without having to stop at a light. And the system is still growing provided by local businesses will be at Aurora 7 Park. For those who make it to the end theres free Ben Jerrys ice cream. I am not sure how many free non- competitive events there are in Colorado says Annie Noble another organizer but this is the most fun For families the B-360 is a way to connect with friends and scout new routes. We always end up running into people we know even if we werent expecting to see them says Marlys Lietz whose family has participated for years. Its a great way to see all the different paths in Boulder especially on the side of town where we dont live. Its helped us nd some new routes to work and school. Visit the event website for maps and more details at BoulderColorado.govWater Circle-Boulder-by-Bicycle. PivotCommunication For more on Walk and Bike Month and the 70-plus free community events see the story on pages 1011 and visit Join the B-360 ride on SUNDAY JUNE 7 By Margaret Knox 12 BIKELIFE BOULDER COUNTY FUN STUFF