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THE WAY OF THE PATH By Marni Ratzel No its not just for Buddhists or those seeking enlightenment. Its for you if you use Boulders multi-use pathsand who doesnt In an effort to improve the safety and experience on multi-use paths the City of Boulder and Community Cycles encourage pedestrians cyclists and skaters to follow The Way of the Path Path users are asked to pledge to learn path rules and etiquette to ensure a safe and courteous atmosphere for everyone. Youll see Community Cycles bike ambassadors at the Farmers Market and along multi-use paths spreading the word about multi-use path rules and etiquette. Take a minute to chat with them sign the pledge to commit to knowing the rules be responsible and be part of The Boulder Way to GO. Learn more GOBoulderTheWayofthePath I ts fun. Its serious. And its back. This summer keep your eyes out for C.W. the fun-loving 10-foot mascot who promotes a serious messagethat crosswalk safety is everyones job. The City of Boulders Heads Up Mind the Crosswalk campaign will reignite in June with an emphasis on education encouragement and enforcement. Education includes reminders about crosswalk ordinances including press the button at ashing crosswalks ride through the crosswalk at 8 mph or less and stop when another car has yielded at a crosswalk. People are also reminded to take personal responsibility for their safety especially keeping their head up and looking when using a crosswalk. It may sound obvious but during the research phase for the campaign more than 300 people responded and said that the main issue is that people dont pay attention. For one week in July Boulder police will increase their presence at crosswalks to enforce crosswalk laws. Added enforcement is proven to increase awareness compliance and ultimately safer crosswalk behaviors. See you in the crosswalk Learn more TransportationSafe-Streets- Heads-Up-Campaign THE WAY OF THE PATHAND THE CROSSWALK By Claire Mulholland PLEDGE TO LEARN PATH RULES NEWS NOTES 19