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BIKE TRAILER A bike trailer is a great option for carrying kids ages one to six as well as cargo like groceries or backpacks. Most trailers have a maximum load limit of 100 pounds. Many trailers also offer various types of quick- release hitches enabling you to quickly remove them from your bike so you can ride unencumbered. Models come in a broad range of prices. The Thule Cadence 299.95 and Burleys top of the line DLite 629 are shown. WHATS A LONG JOHN Also called a Bakfiet this bike style is very popular in Europe. Because of their size though they are difficult to find in great numbers on shop floors in the U.S. That said if you look around you can find shops in many bike-friendly cities that sell them. Cetma Cargo is a brand built in southern California. They offer three different sizes the most popular is the Largo 4395 with space for two or three kids plus room for groceries. Do you get sticker shock looking at prices of the ways to commute with kids by bike Consider the following It costs an average of 9519 a year to operate a mid-size car. Source AAA 50 of all trips Americans make are 3 miles or less 40 are 2 miles or less 28 are shorter than 1 mile. Source PeopleForBikes What if you invested in some kid-carrying gear and took a few of these trips via bike Just think of the longer-term savings. PLUS youll leave less of a carbon footprint youll get exercise and youll always find a free parking space CARGO BIKE Cargo bikes are another fun way to commute with kids. They come in two general categories Long Tails and Long Johns see sidebar. Long Tails carry the bulk of the load behind the rider while Long Johns place the load in front. Xtracycle 14992899 and Yuba 12993499 are popular Long Tail brands. They each offer an array of accessories to help adapt their bikes to various types of use. For example XtraCycle allows you to use two child seats at the same time a child seat along with an older child or as many as three kids all sitting on the rear deck. All of this with plenty of space for cargo. Worried about carrying such a heavy load Some cargo bikes come with electric assist for an extra boost when pedaling. xtracycle thule cadence burley dlite cetma cargo bakfiet CHILD BIKE SEAT Child seats are similar to automobile booster seats and are designed to attach over the top of the back wheel of most standard bicycles. These seats make great child carriers for a younger child beginning at about one year old. Most seats have a maximum weight limit of about 45 pounds. One popular brand is Yepps Maxi Rear Bicycle Child Carrier 229.95 made of shock-absorbant water- resistant rubber. Topeaks Babyseat III 159.99 offers lots of features and adjustability at a good value. yepp maxi topeak babyseat iii 21