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B oulder County recently added a fourth Bus-then-Bike shelter allowing local commuters to zip from their bus to a secure shelter grab their bike and head off to work or school in just minutes. The new shelter located at the Boulder Transit Center at 14th and Walnut streets complements convenient locations at Table Mesa Park-n-Ride and Iris and 28th streets in Boulder and the 8th and Coffman Park-n-Ride in Longmont. CONNECT THE DOTS The expanding Bus-then-Bike program Tired of lugging your bike on and off the bus every day Want a secure place to leave your bike overnight for the next day Ever been stranded with no bike spaces on the bus Sign up for a FREE keycard to a Bus- then-Bike Shelter For more info about the Bus-then-Bike program or to register for a FREE keycard visit Since opening the modern Bus-then-Bike shelter at the downtown Boulder location has received rave reviews with local commuters signing up for free keycards at a rapid clip. The shelter adds 140 secure bike racksaccessible through a Kaba Kentaur turnstile activated by a unique user keycardand is the gem in a series of changes aimed at improving the overall commuting experience for bicyclists pedestrians and bus riders at the transit center. The new shelter even boasts a PhotosbyAndrewKrzysiak vending system for basic bike parts and supplies. Boulder County created the Bus-then- Bike program in 2011 to improve first- and-final mile links to and from bus stops for commuters who want to combine a bus trip and bike ride as well as decrease travel time delays on regional transit associated with loading and unloading bikes. Almost 600 commuters have signed up for the Bus-then-Bike program with most enrolling in the last few months. BUS-THEN-BIKE SHELTERS BOULDER Table Mesa Park-n-Ride 14th and Walnut streets Iris and 28th streets LONGMONT 8th and Coffman Park-n-Ride A commuter shows how to load and unload a bike in one of the racks at the 14th and Walnut shelter. By Claire Mulholland 29 NEWS NOTES