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A group of cyclists gather at the Jamestown Merc after a recent spring ride up the canyon. James Canyon Drive is now temporarily open to all travelers so ride up and give the Merc some business JAMES CANYON TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS LIFTED TEMPORARILY All travel restrictions on James Canyon Drive have been temporarily lifted but roadway conditions are still less than ideal. Shoulders are missing in areas and the roadway can narrow suddenly which forces cyclists to ride in the travel lane with motor vehicles. Please use caution when riding and be aware of changing conditions and fellow travelers. Additional flood-recovery work is planned for the area this summer so travel restrictions may be re- instituted if the roadway becomes unsafe for motorists and cyclists due to construction. RussChandler SUMMER CHIP SEAL AND ROAD OVERLAY WORK The countys annual summer road maintenance chip sealoverlay program will take place in the northern and northwest portions of the county and includes but is not limited to upper Lefthand Canyon Drive Lee Hill Drive between Olde Stage and Deer Trail roads East County Line Road Neva Road and Monarch Road. After speaking with area cyclists in 2010 the county reduced the size of the chips used in the process to create a smoother surface and increase rideability. In addition a fog coat is also applied to help smooth the surface. ONGOING FLOOD RECOVERY WORK While many major projects have been finishedFlagstaff Road East County Line Road Lee Hill Driveseveral large projects remain. In 2015 work is planned for Longmont Dam Road Salina Junction in Fourmile Canyon North 83rd Street over the Little Thompson River Dillon Road and two sections of Lefthand Canyon. Visit the 2015 Flood Recovery Project webpage for a complete list that includes tentative schedules. WHAT ABOUT CANYON ROADS In 2014 the county paved the winter road sections of James Lefthand and Fourmile Canyon drives to make them safer to travel and easier to maintain. These temporary repairs are designed to last for one to two years. Designs for permanent repairs in these three canyons are underway with work beginning in 2016 and completion likely in 2017. Cyclists can expect to see construction in both Fourmile and Lefthand Canyons in 2015 to replace several culverts that were installed post-flood. Please continue to use caution when riding in the canyons as temporary road alignments force drivers and riders to share the lane in many locations. STAY INFORMED AT Read the latest info on construction and road closures. Find out about upcoming projects. Sign-up for e-mail news and alerts. Follow on Twitter BoCoDOT and Facebook too. Have further questions Contact the county directly at Transportation or call 303-441-3900. 31