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Protect Your Ride 4 great bike locks plus locking dos and donts F ace it having your bike stolen stinks. Close to 190000 bikes are stolen in the U.S. every year and that doesnt include the incidents that go unreported. Its important to lock your bike. A good lock offers two types of protection visual deterrence and a longer louder effort to break it. Thats why youll hear people singing the praises for U-locks. They look tough and take longer to saw through. Cable locks are more affordable but they can be clipped with a single effortif a thief has the right tools. By Becca Heaton WilMatthews2013Abus So consider this The more money you invest in a good sturdy lock the harder it will be for a would-be thief to steal your bike. And a new bike costs a heck of a lot more too. No lock is completely foolproof though. That said the following four locks will help protect your bike from the bad guys. 40 BIKELIFE BOULDER COUNTY