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7 Welcome Letter 9 I Bike Boulder Meet locals who travel on two wheels 10 Celebrate Walk and Bike Month this June 30 days 75 events endless fun 12 Circle Boulder by Bicycle The kick-off to Walk and Bike Month 14 How to Bike Stylish in a Skirt Avoid the dreaded ash with these easy tips 16 The New Frontier Boulder pushes to make biking better 19 The Way of the Pathand the Crosswalk Educating residents on multi-use paths and crosswalks 20 Kidding Around 3 ways to commute by bike with your kids CELEBRATE WALK AND BIKE MONTH THIS JUNE 10 23 The Transformation of U.S. 36 Express lanes bus rapid transit and the Bikeway 24 Boulder Bike Map Pull it out and get riding 26 3 Great Rides in Boulder County On paths trails and roads 29 Connect the Dots The expanding Bus-then- Bike program 30 Whats Happening in Boulder County Lots of projects for biking 33 Building Complete Streets Boulder Public Works in action 34 Come and Bike Louisville Plenty of pedaling around this bike-friendly city 36 Pedal Superior Big biking opportunities in a great small town 38 Explore Longmont on Two Wheels Paths trails and greenways galore 40 Protect Your Ride 4 great bike locks plus locking dos and donts 43 Meet Local Businesses Doing Good Stuff for Biking GEICO Boulder and Boulder Cycle Sport 44 Local Resources Boulder B-cycle prole plus groups and clubs 45 Calendar of Events Plus local bike shops 46 The Final Mile How to train yourself to travel via two wheels instead of four ON THE WEB FOLLOW US Facebook.comBikeLifeCities BikeLifeCities READTHIS ISSUE ONLINE You can access this issue anytime. Share it with your friends by sending a link so they can read it too BLOGS Read fun stories and news about biking every day RESOURCES Were your one-stop shop for everything biking in Boulder from places to ride to events bike shops groups and more. TAKE OUR SURVEY What do you think about BikeLife Boulder What would you like to read or write about We want to hear from you. SIGN UP FOR OUR E-NEWSLETTER Well keep you up to date year- round on all kinds of fun interesting and newsworthy bike-related stories. BikeLifeCities BikeLifeCities 5