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4 Secure Sites busthenbike.comSIGN-UP FOR ACCESS welcome Welcome back to BikeLife Boulder County. We started bringing you cycling news a year ago in partnership with the City of Boulder. Since then Boulder County Longmont Louisville and Superior have come on board to share their innovations and events. Were also growing our network to 10 cities outside Boulder County adding Seattle San Diego Denver Anchorage and others. These pages bring you lots of information about various local projects and events. How do you put these together Count the ways Lets start with a longer trip that offers lots of reasons not to drive Denver. It is a great and growing city but driving downtown and paying 12 to park Thats a real drag. And driving home after a nice dinner and dealing with construction on U.S. 36 at night Even worse. Luckily you have your pick of great alternatives. Ride your bike to 14th and Walnut and use your free card to access the protected bike shelter. Relax on the bus to downtown Denver and use your Boulder B-cycle membership to ride around Denver. Yep Boulder membership works for Denver B-cycle. Then enjoy the bus ride back to Boulder. Want something closer to home How about riding up to Prospect Sound Bites for a free concert and a taco from a food truck Its every Monday night at the south end of Longmont. Remember to take your bike lights for the ride home. has details. Thinking of something closer still Try Fridays in Louisville. With great bands like Marcia Ball and the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band you need to be dancing. Dont ruin it by driving around looking for a parking space. Ride your bike and park at one of the many new bike racks or in the downtown bike corral. What you wash your hair every Monday and Friday Okay how about Bands on the Bricks every Wednesday in downtown Boulder on the one-and-only Pearl Street Mall So close and so easy to park a bike. For the full line-up go to BoulderDowntown.comEventsBands-on-the-Bricks. Wouldnt every city in the USA love to have all these options Pick a night dance under the stars and enjoy the great commute on your bike. See you on the roads. Or in the beer garden. Lynn Guissinger Publisher DarcyKiefel