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Executive Director at Boulder Housing Partners What do you like best about biking I like that on my bike I can move quickly yet intimately through space. Where are your favorite places to ride I love to ride the hills and Im very food motivated. So my favorite rides are up to Ward for chocolate-chip cookies to Gold Hill for the wonderful bakery or to Hygiene for Marys delicious chai. What are 3 reasons why you bike to work It provides a wonderful transition time for contemplation. It takes a car off the road and carbon out of the air. I spend my gas money on things that are just fun. I BOULDER Meet locals who like to travel on two wheels By Becca Heaton Blair Young Co-founder of Swarm Inc. Dax Burgos Sales and Services Manager at Community Cycles Agnes Burgos 4 Isom Burgos 1 What do you all like best about biking Were a one-car household and Boulder County is a great place to travel by bike because there is infrastructure resources and culture here to enable us to do it safely as a family. What are your favorite places to ride We enjoy the big bike lane on Cabrini Drive that takes us from Agnes school to our beloved Lafayette Library from the library down Public Road to Eats Sweets for ice cream and on a really great day doubling back onto Simpson Street for a craft beer at Odd 13. Any advice you can give other parents to get their kids interested in cycling Spend some time reflecting on how biking fits into your unique family culture then model that with as consistent leadership as possible. For example we ALL wear helmets when we ride. Burgos-Young family Betsey Martens Mechanic at Bicycle Village What do you like best about biking I have had epilepsy since age 15 so I cant drive much. I depend a lot on my bike to get around. Im not unhappy though because Ive seen many amazing places on my bike. What are your favorite places to ride I love all of Boulders mountain bike trails and I am always dreaming about getting onto an empty stretch of highway on my touring bike. How are you involved in local bike advocacy Im a volunteer mechanic with Community Cycles and Im on the Community Cycles Advocacy Committee. I believe that the most important advocacy takes place on the individual level. I try to ride my bike as much as I can and I encourage my friends to ride too. Stephen Allen 9 WHY I RIDE