Getting Around Cambridge | 13 Cool Products Grown at Home Cambridge: Bike Technology Hub Looking for a full-size folding bike? Wishing for a wheel (or two?!) to give your bike a little boost? Look no further than our hometown companies for these and other great innovations. ➤ BUCA BOOT Buca Boot designs prod- ucts for people to choose bikes for their everyday transportation needs. The flagship product is the first bike-mounted storage system that provides the versatility of an open bike basket with the storage security of a car trunk. Use it open or lock it to keep your things safe. ➤ GEOORBITAL GeoOrbital is revolution- izing the “make my bike electric” market. In less than 60 seconds you can swap your front wheel with a GeoOrbital electric wheel and have a 500W eBike. GeoOrbital is based in Cambridge and builds its wheels in Massachusetts. CEO Mike Burtov’s motto is, “Just keep it simple and deliver.” ➤ MONTAGUE Montague is the world’s leading maker of full-size folding bikes, designing high-performance road and mountain bikes that fold in seconds for transport and storage. Father and son Harry and David Montague founded the company in 1987. David, the company president, is an MIT alumnus and the driving force behind the Park & Pedal program. ➤ REJJEE Rejjee has launched the largest anti-bike theft program in the coun- try. Register your bike, apply the Rejjee Security Sticker and you will have a seven-to-10 times greater chance of recovering your bike if stolen. While Rejjee catches crooks online, staffers also take to the streets of Cambridge at community events, regis- tering thousands of bikes. ➤ SUPERPEDESTRIAN The Copenhagen Wheel is a semi-autonomous vehicle condensed into a single red electric wheel. Replacing your rear wheel with a Copenhagen Wheel transforms your bike quickly and easily to give you an electric boost. It erases hills and extends your ride, connecting you to your city. The Copenhagen Wheel by SuperPedestrian GeoOrbital electric wheel Montague’s folding bike Buca Boot’s bike-mounted storage Bike Technology Cambridge S2017 SWFIN.indd 3 5/20/17 6:55 PM