SURLY BIG DUMMY The Big Dummy is a sturdy workhorse. Slow and steady, this long tail is built for heavy-duty carrying capacity. This particular model can adopt all of the Xtracycle add-ons and smaller 26” wheels keep the center of gravity low, making it accessible for even a smaller rider. TERN CARGO NODE This bike is a game changer for people living in cities. It is full-sized with large wheels and a heavy-load carrying ability (including kids), yet it folds down to one-third its total volume in only 10 seconds. It will fit in an elevator and carry onto public transit. Cool features include an electricity-generating hub to power the front light, versatile all-weather CarryAll bags, and Promax hydraulic disc brakes for easily stopping a heavily-laden bike. TREK ZEKTOR Not officially a cargo bike, the new Zektor is an urban bike that comes in a no-frills package that you can customize for your commute. Its light aluminum frame is fast, agile and durable for whatever city streets throw at you. Road-bike gearing means speed, and the disc brakes work reliably in all weather. Fenders and racks can be easily mounted; even the stem is set up for a light or computer – no straps required! XTRACYCLE LEAP If you don’t want to part with your current bike, Xtracycle’s Basic Kit will transform your trusty whip into a long-tail minivan that can haul stuff or people on its flight deck. The kit will also set you up for add-ons like waterproof saddlebags and/or “hooptie”safety rails that keep kids secure on the deck. All for an additional cost, of course. YUBA SPICY CURRY The Yuba Spicy Curry Electric Bicycle is built for performance and fun. The strong rear rack is like the deck of a minivan or pickup truck that allows you to carry children, groceries, tools, packages or any large object that normally requires a car. The Bosch CX Performance center-drive system provides power to glide up hills and safely navigate city streets at up to 20 mph without breaking a sweat. That’s spicy! BikeLife Boulder | 3 BikeLife Boulder | 3 THOSE LITTLE EXTRAS Velo-Shopper by Ortlieb USA is an 18-liter shopping bag with magnetic closure made from waterproof abrasion resistant nylon. The closure is easily opened with one hand and the unit securely attaches to the bike. The Velo-Shopper stays upright thanks to an inner stiffener and base feet. A handle and removable padded shoulder strap provide added convenience. For panniers (and other types of bags) try Swift Industries. Founded in 2008, Swift is a relative newcomer to the bik- ing scene. Their bags boast eye-catching design and bomber construction. Choose custom colors to suit your cycling mood or pick from their pre- made line up. Based in Seattle, Swift blends the function of traditional touring gear with a modish, urban twist. For more economy, check out the Black- burn EX-1 rack. The EX-1 will fit over your wide or narrow tires and has a carrying capacity of up to 40 pounds. If it’s a young child you’re hauling, the EX-1 is compatible with a va- riety of Blackburn’s Co-pilot bike seats that include a rack with purchase. The Porcelain Rocket frame bag is custom-made to fit the interior of your frame’s main triangle. Maximize aerodynamics and maneuverability with this low-weight, low-profile bag that comes in an array of color combinations. True masters of their craft, Porcelain Rocket’s seat bags and handlebar bags adapt to fit almost any bike. CARGO Bikes S2017 CAMBRIDGE SWFIN.indd 3 5/20/17 6:59 PM