16 | Getting Around Cambridge SHARES THE FUN Ride a Bike, Join the Movement Bike share programs are exploding in the U.S., offering people an active, sustainable and fun way to get around. Greater Boston’s public bike share system is the fifth-largest in the country, connecting metro-Boston with a network of more than 180 stations throughout Cambridge, Boston, Brookline and Somerville. Cambridge’s 40-plus stations operate year-round with bikes avail- able to the public for trips to work, school, restaurants, grocery stores, doctors’ offices, or any other errand. The average Hubway trip in Cam- bridge covers just over two miles, and takes fewer than 15 minutes. Hubway’s growth has changed the urban landscape of the city by taking cars off the road, reducing traffic and pollution, and encourag- ing active commuting. In 2016, more than 415,000 Hubway trips began in Cambridge – 25 percent more than in 2015. Hubway’s station locations are designed to make it easy to get riders where they want to go, and service many of the businesses and schools in Cambridge. Through a special corporate membership program, em- ployers offer discounted Hubway memberships to staff and to students at entities including Biogen, Harvard, MIT, Akamai, the Cambridge Health Alliance, the City of Cambridge, EF Education First and more. Check with your employer to see if it subsidizes Hubway membership. Riders can take Hubway anywhere in the system, even into other cities and towns. Finding a nearby station is easy through the interac- tive system map at thehubway.com or by searching your app store for a free Hubway app. The maps display locations of active stations along with real-time dock and bike availability. There are three options to sign up: You can join on the website to be- come an annual member, or try it for one month (and if you like it, you can translate that month’s investment into an annual membership), or try a day pass at any kiosk. Visit TheHubway.com/how-it-works for more information. Stations in Cambridge are open year-round, so you can always cruise around town! HUBWAY How did you start working for Hubway? I love being a bike mechanic, and I’ve always had a fascination with taking things apart and putting them back together. When I was 15 and looking for my first summer job, I met the director of a nonprofit called Recycle-A-Bicycle, and I spent the summer (and the next five years) learning how to fully strip and rebuild bicycles for them. Our partnership with Motivate, Hubway’s operator, led me to the lead mechanic position for Citi Bike in New York City. Two-and-a-half years later, I transferred to Hubway and have been on the team here for two years. What advice do you have for Hubway riders when they’re selecting a bike? It’s always smart to do a quick check-over when you’re picking a Hubway bike: (1) Give the brakes a pull to make sure they both move easily, but firmly; (2) Check the tire pressure. Tires should be firm to the touch — if you can squeeze them, the pressure is low and the bike may ride a little sluggish; (3) Spin the front wheel to engage the bike lights to make sure they are working; and (4) do a quick visual inspection for any physical damage that might cause anything but a safe ride. MEET NATALIE FELICIANO, Hubway’s Head Mechanic & Bike Shop Manager With 400 bikes operating in Cambridge, the Hubway bike mechanic team works hard to keep all the bikes running smoothly and safely. We sat down with Natalie (center in the above photo) to get her insights into how the fleet is maintained and learn her bike-safety tips. Photo: HUBWAY Hubway CAMBRIDGE S2017 SWFIN.indd 2 5/20/17 7:02 PM