34 | Getting Around Cambridge WhatisanAccessiblePedestrianSignal? Accessible Pedestrian Signals (APS) include pushbuttons that are designed to assist pedestrians who are blind or have low vision in crossing the street. APS communicate information about WALK and DON’T WALK signals in non-visual ways, including locator tones, audible signals, vibrotactile warnings, confirmation lights and directional arrows. All new signal equipment in Cambridge include APS, and the City is working to upgrade all signal equipment to meet the standards. CambridgeMa.gov/traffic city bicycles family & cargo bicycles stylish accessories quality repairs cycling for city life 368 Beacon St, Somerville bicyclebelleboston.com fueling the last mile since 1999 grab&go with micro scooters microkickboard.com REAL BIKES THAT FOLD montaguebikes.com TM ® Partial ads page 22.indd 2 6/6/17 9:57 AM