Getting Around Cambridge | 25 TheLatestLights PLANET BIKE BLAZE 180 SL & SUPERFLASH USB Bright, rechargeable and compact for riding after dark, the Blaze 180 SL has high and low settings and new amber side lights for additional visibility and safety. Pair the Blaze with a Superflash in back on your seatpost or backpack with its three light modes: Steady, Superflash, and Courtesy pulse mode. Blaze 180 SL $40, Superflash USB $35. LIGHT AND MOTION URBAN 350 Available in three fun colors, the Urban 350 has four mode settings (high, medium, low and pulse) and is easy to attach to your handlebar with its tool-free strap. Amber side lighting offers 180 degrees of visibility to vehicles as well as to other cyclists and pedestrians. A battery charge status indicator lets you know when it’s time to recharge. $50. All of these lights are available in various lumens and prices. Remember, the higher the lumens, the brighter the light – but also the higher the cost. These lights are all USB rechargeable, so you can take them to work with you and charge them on your computer or via other devices at home. Nite Ize has a cool new light called the Inova Swipe-To-Shine Bike Light. No buttons, simply swipe the touch sensor left or right for either red or white light. Swipe once for a high, steady beam, twice for medium beam, three times for flash mode. Mount the light on your handlebar or on your seat post, it’s multi-purpose! Uses 3 AAA batteries. $35. *USDOT National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 2014 For added visibility — and to protect your pants from chain grease — “slap” a Nite Ize SlapLit around your ankle. The bright red LED can be set to glow or flash modes. $12. CATEYE VOLT 400 & RAPID X2 KINETIC The Volt 400 can be mounted on your handlebar or helmet, and has 400 powerful lumens and five modes. Match it with the Rapid X2 Kinetic, a 50-lumen light that mounts easily on your seatpost and has 180 degrees of visibility for you to be seen from many angles. A built-in accelerometer automatically switches into a constant burst mode when it senses a sudden change in speed. Volt 400 $80, Rapid X2 Kinetic $60. NITERIDER SWIFT 450 & SABRE 80 Small but packing a big punch, the Swift 450 is pow- erful with 450 lumens. Easy to pop on and off your handlebar with a tool-free mount, it has four light levels plus daylight flash mode. Team it up in back with a Sabre 80 tail light, which also has side lights for added visibility. Swift 450 $35, Sabre 80 $30. Lights S2017 Cambridge SWFIN.indd 3 5/20/17 9:22 PM