5 Greetings! Welcome to the inaugural issue of Getting Around Cambridge 6 2 Great Walks or Rides! Explore Cambridge’s hidden gems 8 Vision Zero = Safer Streets Eliminating traffic fatalities & serious injuries 10 Safe and Savvy Kids Getting to school on foot and wheels 11 Drive 25 to Save Lives Slow down, be safe 13 Cambridge: Bike Technology Hub Cool products grown at home 14 The Cargo Bike Demystified Why it might be your next bike 16 Hubway Shares the Fun Ride a bike, join the movement 18 Power Saviors Win! Walking = stored energy 19 Net Zero Cambridge Changing our energy supply 20 MIT Commuters Switch it Up More accessible options leave cars behind 21 Harvard Chooses Sustainable Options More than 85% take alternative transit 24 Be Seen Finding the right bike light 26 Safe and Smooth Handy bike maintenance tips 28 Alewife: The Nexus to Many Great Rides 30 Easier Access Transit for people with disabilities 31 When is the Train Coming? Transit access has you covered 32 Bike Hacks Recycle. Rethink. Repurpose. 34 Women’s Commission Walking Tour Exploring historic local women by foot Getting Around Cambridge — 2017 page 23 page 29 page 11 page 8 GettingAround CAMBRIDGE ONTHEWEB BikeLifeCities.com FOLLOWUS Facebook.com/BikeLifeCities @BikeLifeCities @BikeLifeCities BikeLifeCities READ THIS ISSUE ONLINE You can access this issue anytime. Share it with your friends by sending a link so they can read it too! BLOGS Read fun stories and news about biking and walking every day! TAKE OUR SURVEY What do you think about Getting Around Cambridge? What would you like to read (or write!) about? We want to hear from you. SIGN UP FOR OUR E-NEWSLETTER We’ll keep you up to date year-round on all kinds of fun, interesting and newsworthy bike-related stories. ➤ ➤ ➤ ➤ Cambridge TOC S2017 SWFIN.indd 2 5/20/17 10:22 PM