Transit Information Has You Covered When is theTrain Coming? Have you seen the MBTA station screens displaying how long until the next train arrives? The MBTA makes real-time arrival information for bus, subway, light rail and commuter rail service available to the public. The City and the T have installed displays an- nouncing when the next bus or train will arrive, letting commuters know whether they have time to grab a last-minute coffee, a few more minutes to stay warm and dry during inclement weather, or whether a different mode of transportation – like Hubway – will get them to their destination faster. For those with smartphones, there are many apps that allow access to re- al-time arrival information. Visit for a full list. Current Real-Time Transit Information Displays Cambridge is working to increase the number of real-time displays throughout the city to make bus travel more accessible and convenient for all who live, work and learn in our community. There are several kinds of displays. The most common are TransitScreens — basic TV screens that display a website with real-time bus, train and Hubway information, as well as social media feeds. You can find TransitScreens at City Hall, 344 Broadway, the Citywide Senior Center, DPW, the Main Library, Cambridge Ridge and Latin School, and Cambridge Hospital. The MBTA has also installed screens at Harvard and Central Square T stations, where in addition to the subway, there are several bus connections. The displays are a clear and convenient way to display the bus schedule in busy locations. Last December, the City piloted a new kind of display in Porter Square. The Soofa Sign uses E Ink technology (similar to a Kindle) and is completely solar powered. It presents the next arrival times for the Red Line, Fitchburg Commuter Rail line, and the three buses that run through Porter Square. It also displays MBTA service announcements. We want your input! If you have feedback about any of the existing real-time transit information displays or suggestions about future displays, please email We appreciate your suggestions and look forward to hearing from you! ComingSoon: Real-Time Displays Funded through Participatory Budgeting In the City’s most recent Participatory Budgeting cycle, solar-powered real-time bus tracker displays received the third- highest number of votes! Starting in July 2017, $150,000 will be available to fund new displays. The City hopes to install at least 10 additional displays throughout Cambridge to make sustainable travel more convenient and accessible for all. Getting Around Cambridge | 31 By the COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT Real Time Transit CAMBRIDGE S2017 SWFIN.indd 2 5/20/17 9:56 PM