C ambridge has a long history of promoting safe and sustainable transportation, and this maga- zine will inform you of the latest inno- vations and opportunities that the City has to offer people who walk, bike and use public transit. We are continuously striving to meet the evolving mobility needs of our com- munity. For example, in 2016 we low- ered the default speed limit in the City to 25 mph and joined communities from around the country and the world in committing to a Vision Zero policy. This new initiative — which seeks to eliminate all traffic-related fatalities and serious injuries — dovetails with the City’s Complete Streets approach to mobility that has been in place for years. Also, the City is expanding the number of demonstration separated bike lanes being piloted in the City. These are just a few examples that illustrate the various efforts the City is tak- ing to make it safe and easy for you and for people of all ages and abilities to travel between work, school, shops and other destinations. Whether you choose to walk, bicycle or take transit, I hope that this magazine inspires you to have fun and be safe as you are getting around Cambridge this spring. Sincerely, Louis A. DePasquale, Cambridge City Manager Welcome to the first issue of Getting Around Cambridge! Greetings! 34 Pinnacle Leader (highest level) Mass ECO Awards For Excellence in COMMUTER OPTIONS of America’sBest New Bike Lanes of 2015 (Western Ave. Protected Bike Lane) #1 #1BIKE SCORE & #2WALK SCORE in the Nation 57% bike,walkor ridetransittowork. ofpeopleliving inCambridge bus lines run through Cambridge Getting Around Cambridge | 5 • •• @cambma.gov @cambma @CDDat344 @CDDat344 @CDDat344 Find us on social media Welcome CAMBRIDGE S17 SWFIN.indd 2 5/20/17 5:36 PM