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Advocates effect change on their local streets JanineBlaeloch LakeCityResident Meet Janine Blaeloch. She ditched her car in 2008 and turned to walking biking and transit to get everywhere she goes. Living in the No Sidewalk Land of Lake City she experienced the first-hand chal- lenges of traveling car-less in a world designed for cars. This is particularly true for the vulnerablechildren older adults and the mobility challenged. To Jane it seemed deeply unjust that those who use non-car modes should not have an equitable and safe use of streets we all own. In 2012 she attended a meeting where Councilmember Sally Bagshaw was enthused about neighborhood greenways and she quickly connected with Seattle Neighborhood Greenways SNG starting a Lake City group. She started with a plan to create a network of greenways in Lake City and inevitably ended up tackling the spectrum of transportation safety issues as she heard wider con- cerns from neighbors. For example Lake City Way is an intimidating barrier running through the middle of her community. Through a Traffic Safety Corridor Project jointly led by the city state and community the neighborhood is securing real on-the-ground changes in traffic signal and intersection design to make Lake City Way less of a car pipeline and a more human-centered street. Completed in late 2014 the neighbor- hoods first greenway has been a sweet success as a calmed street inviting walkers bicy- cle riders and stroller pushers. Neighbors have also forged a strong sense of community and are championing their own safety projects whether its a new crosswalk or a traffic-calming idea. When asked how people can do the same thing in their neighborhoods Ja- nine said Ive found the knowledge and support of colleagues in SNG invaluable. Neighbors are deep wells of insight and observationeveryone takes very personally their desire to travel safely through the community. Listen to them. Our public servants at SDOT should be appreciated as people who truly believe in making things better. Cultivate positive relationships with staffers and treat them with respect. When you go to them for help be a steadfast advo- cate for your community carry some patience and know your stuff. Great job Janine We look forward to seeing more people following in your footsteps. Power to the Pedal Neighborsaredeepwellsofinsightandobservation everyonetakesverypersonallytheirdesiretotravelsafely throughthecommunity.Listentothem. 22 BikeLife Seattle