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BikeLife Seattle 23 PhyllisPorter RainierValleyActivist Phyllis Porter works in South Seattle and loves being part of a community that not only fights to end disparities but rejoices in the spirit of brotherly and sisterly love. Knowing this it should come as no surprise that shes also a member of the Rainier Riders Cycling Club. The club promotes riding bikes in commu- nities disproportionately affected by health issues and uses bicycling to foster camaraderie. Recently her college-bound daughter urged her to become active in something as she transi- tioned to being an empty nester. So the following year Phyllis attended her first neighbor- hood greenways meeting. She learned that greenways create more comfortable places to travel and since then has become a passionate leader bringing safe streets to people of all ages and abilities. Phyllis has helped lead two major initia- tives to calm Martin Luther King Jr Way So MLK and Rainier Ave S. The first happened after a seven-year old girl was hit crossing the street on the way to the Rainier Vista Boys and Girls Club. Knowing that tragedies like this can be prevented Phyllis invited elected officials community leaders and residents to a vigil followed by a solutions meeting. Second after wit- nessing a family of three pinned between a car and a counter when a driver swerved off Rainier Avenue Sand nearing being hit herselfPhyllis actively petitioned City Councilmembers and transportation staff to make changes to Rainier. She helped rally support and in August Raini- er Avenue S was changed from a four-lane street to a two-lane street with a center turn lane in the Columbia City neighborhood. Later this year the community can look forward to a lower speed limit as well. We asked how others can support similar transformations in their neighborhoods and Phyllis said If you feel passionate about change and are open to different possibilities get involved with a community group. Her interests are safety transportation and passage. Rainier Valley Greenways which she is a part of are south end advocates working as part of a citywide grass- roots movement to transform Seattle into a city where everyone can walk and bike safely. Phyllis also wanted to share a special thank you with Mayor Ed Murray Councilmember Bruce Harrell SDOT Director Scott Kubly and everyone who had a part in making Rainier Avenue S safer. Theclubpromotesridingbikesincommunities disproportionatelyaffectedbyhealthissues andusesbicyclingtofostercamaraderie. LEARN MORE about the safe streets advocacy group Seattle Neighborhood Greenways at