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BikeLife Boulder 3 For bike and ski Integrated LED light Super colorful and fun patterns BERN WATTS FOR MEN LENOX FOR WOMEN Featuring Berns signature built-in visor to help shield your eyes from the sun or rain the Watts and Lenox helmets are urban-styled in a range of cool colors. Fitting is easy thanks to the Sink Fit padding and Crank Fit knob on back. Like to ski or snow- board Both helmets convert to winter use Just snap out the washable summer liner and pop in the optional winter knit liner. 60 GIRO SUTTON MIPS The sleek light Sutton has clever features like a detachable clip to attach a bike light a removable leather visor to shade the eyes and reinforced vents that double as U-lock ports so you can easily snake a bike lock through and attach the helmet to your bike. MIPS stands for Multidirectional Impact Protec- tion System Giros helmet safety technology. 100 ABUS URBAN-I V.2 SIGNAL Lightweight and well vented the Urban-I v.2 Signal is designed for urban riding with an integrated LED rear light with 180-degree visibility and big reflectors. It also features an easy-to-secure magnetic lock system on the chinstrap and interior padding that is removable and washable. Dont like the visor Just snap it off. 130 NUTCASE METRORIDE A stylish urban commuter hel- met the Metroride is lightweight with big air vents for a cooler ride. Other features include an easy-to-use magnetic chinstrap buckle removable visor and re- flectivity in the straps. In typical Nutcase fashion the graphic designs are super colorful with fun pattern names like American Dream Heart Soul Shark Skin and Technicolor. 80 HAND-PAINTED HELMETS Visual artist Danielle Baskin was tired of seeing all of the dull bicycle helmets around New York City so she decided to do something about it. Inkwell Helmets was born. All of the helmets are CPSC certified and hand painted in fun funky beautiful designs by Danielle. We hope to change the way people interact with and think about utilitarian objects and to get cyclists to ride more safely says Danielle. And safety doesnt have to compromise style. Prices start at 85 AIRBAG FOR YOUR HEAD Dont like to wear a helmet Self conscious about helmet head hair Then check out the Hvding helmet. Designed by two industrial design students at the University of Lund in Sweden as part of a masters thesis Hvding is essentially an airbag for your head. Its designed as a fashionable-looking collar that secretly stores an airbag with sensors. If the sensors recognize abnormal movement when youre biking the airbag quickly inflates to absorb the impact shock and protect your head face and throat. Aside from being a stylish option several tests show that the Hvding is three times more protective than some of the top helmets on the market. It isnt cheap 340 and once it inflates it cant be used again. Check out the helmet video at HeadsUponSomeCoolHelmets FunUrban-StyleHelmets Vents double as U-lock port For bike and ski