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BikeLife Tempe 3 7 Welcome Letter 8 I Bike Seattle Meet our local two-wheel aficionados 10 Can Biking Make You Smarter The research is stacking up 12 Safety First Vision Zero Safer streets for Seattle 13 Seen Around Town Pop-up bike repair station and more 14 Enjoy the Urban Bike Life 6 new city bikes for traveling around town 16 The Bike Works Journey An adventure for kids of all ages 19 Making the Healthy Easy Choice Safer community travel for families and neighbors 21 Share the Road A bus drivers perspective 22 Power to the Pedal Advocates effect change on their local streets 26 Protect Your Noggin How to fit a helmet just right plus fun new helmets 29 Complete Street The S. Dearborn Case Study 30 Be Seen Finding the right bike light 32 Chart Your Trek Seattle Bike Map 33 WhatWhereWhen Local resources for rides events and more 34 The Final Mile Life on the Road with the IMBA Trail Care Crew BikeLife Seattle Fall 2015 ONTHEWEB FOLLOWUS Facebook.comBikeLifeCities BikeLifeCities BikeLifeCities BikeLifeCities SEATTLE READ THIS ISSUE ONLINE You can access this issue anytime. Share it with your friends by sending a link so they can read it too BLOGS Read fun stories and news about biking every day RESOURCES Were your one-stop shop for everything biking in Seattle from places to ride to events bike shops groups and more. TAKE OUR SURVEY What do you think about BikeLife Seattle What would you like to read or write about We want to hear from you. SIGN UP FOR OUR E-NEWSLETTER Well keep you up to date year- round on all kinds of fun interesting and newsworthy bike-related stories. page 21 page 22 page 12 page 13