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BikeLife Seattle 7 S eattle officially launched its Active Trans- portation initiative in April with the goal of making Seattle a world-class city for bicycling walking and sustainable transporta- tion. The program is part of Mayor Ed Murrays vision for a safe affordable interconnected vi- brant and innovative transportation system that contributes to a better Seattle. We want resi- dents and visitors of all ages and abilities to have safe healthy fun and attractive options for mov- ing around Seattle by wheel foot and transit. Success means making it easy to make healthy active choices. It is about making walking bik- ing and public transit the fastest least expen- sive and most convenient ways to get around town. Imagine if someone from Hillman City could take an electric bike from a nearby bike share station to the Columbia City Light Rail Station arriving just in time to catch a train downtown. We all would win. The person in Hillman City saves money and gets to work faster and for people that need to drive there is less traffic and competition for parking. To create these options well use cutting-edge technology like electric bike share real-time transportation trackers and integrated transit payment methods along with state-of-the-practice street design and effective education and enforcement to ensure everyone shares our roads respectfully. So why Active Transportation More than just creating a fast reliable and inexpensive option for getting around town why not make your commute the most fun part of the day Im excited to be leading this effort. I hope you enjoy our second edition of BikeLife Seattle and share it widely. Nicole Freedman Chief of Active Transportation and Partnerships Department of Transportation Greetings from BikeLife Seattle Welcome 8 Most Bicycle-Friendly City Bicycling Magazine 2 of the Top 10 Best Protected Bike Lanes in North America 2 Second Avenue and 6 Broadway 134MILESOFBICYCLEFACILITES Includingmulti-usetrailscycletracks andneighborhoodgreenways The 2014 Seattle Bike Master Plan proposes a network of 432 miles SEATTLE by the numbers Oneofthetop10 Best Bike Cities In North America Outside Magazine 16PROTECTED BIKELANES ...with more to come 6662 BIKEPARKINGSPACESINTHECITY 1RANKEDBICYCLE FRIENDLYSTATE League of American Bicyclists 2015 seattle.govtransportation 206-684-ROAD Seattle Department of Transportation Facebook.comSeattleDOT SeattleDOT Have comments or suggestions for future BikeLife Seattle magazine issues Email