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2 BikeLife Boulder I bike Seattle Meet our local two-wheel aficionados MARGARET MCCAULEY Parent environmental engineer and chocolate lover What do you like best about biking I love that as a family our travel time is predictable. No matter what gridlock is going on we can get from preschool to elementary school in time for pick up. I also love never worrying about finding a place to park. And even if we are having a moment where getting clothes and shoes on and kiddos to the bikes is difficult I can pedal away the adrenaline and frustration and have happy endorphins by the time we arrive. What are your favorite places to ride with your family All the places we usually go the office the grocery store tugboat story time the library the Water Taxi to Alki Beach school wherever. What do you do to make sure your kids are safe when riding bikes The most frequent concern I have is with peo- ple in cars who are looking for free parking and become distracted. So we try to be obvi- ous and predictable in our movements. We talk about potential upcoming hazards pause and check that alley and I use my bicycle to block a car or an intersection if necessary to make it safe for my eight year old to pass. On a fun note to get my kids interested in biking we made many early trips involving special treats. My grandparents did that for my father with trips to art museums. To this day he always wants to go to the museum.