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ADRIAN VERDUGO Parent and civil engineer What do you like best about biking When I bike I feel like a 10-year-old kid again. It gives me the freedom to go anywhere. Ive introduced that freedom to my family and they love it. Its amazing the things you notice while riding its given us a new perspective of life. What are your favorite places to ride Alki There is always something to do on the waterfront. We take the Delridge neighborhood greenway to the Alki trail and that takes us all the way to the beach. This year the bike show was at the stadium where the Seahawks play so we packed a bag and headed downtown. The kids were real troopers not one complaint and nothing but smiles. Seattle is building another neighborhood greenway near the kids school so well have another favorite riding area soon. Any advice you can give other parents to get their kids interested in cycling Its got to be convenient. Our bikes are kept inside by the front door or just inside the back gate to make it an easy choice. The phrase out of sight out of mind is true for bikes and kids. But dont let convenience trump safety. We as parents need to show our kids and their friends good riding etiquette and skills. I try to instill this thought to my family It may be faster to take that way but this way is more comfortable. MERLIN RAINWATER below right Grandparent retired nurse and safe streets advocate What do you like best about biking That my little grandson not quite 2 years old has already mastered his balance bike But other than that I love everything about biking Its the best way to explore my city letting me go places that are too far for walking and see things Id miss whooshing by in a car. Its super cheapIve had my one bike for more than 20 years and it gets me ev- erywhere. Its the answer to all the worlds problems health pollution loneliness congestion and its fun. Where are your favorite places to ride with people of all ages and abilities I love figuring out ways to get around by bike that will be safe for my grandson when hes able to pedal. Seattle is challengingthere are gaps between comfortable bike routes and of course we have hills that dont show up clearly on maps designed for cars. For example Im leading a family-friendly ride from Central Seattle to the Olympic Sculpture Park. Ive figured out a route from the I-90 Trail to the wa- terfront using the trail low-traffic streets a few sidewalks a pedestri- an overpass and an elevator. This doesnt show up on any bike map What can people new to biking do to stay safe The best way to stay safe when youre new to biking is to explore your neighborhood and gradually expand the places youre comfortable riding. If youre used to driving or traveling by bus you wont see the low-traffic streets that are safest and easiest for riding. Dont be afraid to get off and walk if youre in a difficult spottoo many cars or a steep hill. Remember its legal to ride on the sidewalk as long as you move slowly and yield to people walking. Carry an ORCA card so you can put the bike on the bus if youre tired. And join me on a SLOW Ride with Senior Ladies On Wheels to learn easy routes for biking. Check out our Facebook page facebook.comseniorladiesonwheels. BikeLife Seattle 9