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FASHION FOR YOU YOUR BIKE GET STARTED BIKING Facebook.comBikeLifeCities BikeLifeCities BikeLifeCities BikeLifeCities WIN COOL PRIZES see pg. 6 GET EM MOVING Major Taylor Project Safe Routes to School Commuting with Kids SPRING 2015 WATCH VIDEO HERE VELOCITY MADE IN GERMANY. ORTLIEB WATERPROOF MORE INFO HERE WATCH VIDEO HERE VELOCITY MADE IN GERMANY. ORTLIEB WATERPROOF MORE INFO HERE WATCH VIDEO HERE WERE LOOKING FORWARD TO HELPING YOU FIND YOUR PERFECT BIKE Velo 2151 6th Ave Seattle WA 98121 206-325-3292 Montlake Bicycle Shop 2223 24th Avenue East Seattle WA 98112 206-329-7333 Bikesport 4550 9th Ave NW Seattle WA 98107 206-706-4700 GET ACTIVEDISCOVER NEW LOWER PRICES ON OUR BEST SELLING LIFESTYLE AND YOUTH BIKES GIANT-BICYCLES.COMGATEWAY Publisher Lynn Guissinger Editor Becca Heaton Art DirectorDesigner Kristal Boni Designers Maura Kelpy Zane Wilson Production Beth Prehn Contributors Dan Baum Duncan Benning Monica Dewald Brian Dougherty Jeanne Eisenhaure Ed Ewing Kiersten Grove Shae Healy Merlin Rainwater Anne-Marije Rook Dawn Schellenberg Sara Zora Online Ryan Amirault Gavin B. Griffin Michelle Jackson Greg Thomas Finance Shirlee Adolfson Sales Brian Bauer 303-444-5545 x112 Russ Chandler 303-444-5545 x107 Lynn Guissinger 303-444-5545 x106 Gregg Thayer 303-444-5545 x103 Editorial Office BikeLife Cities 1515 Walnut Street Boulder CO 80302 Tel 303-444-5545 Fax 800-579-1515 Advertising Contact for media kit and rate card. StoryPhoto Submissions Contact for submission information. Distribution Contact for information. BikeLife Cities is a program of Catalyst Communication Inc. launching in multiple cities. 2015 Catalyst Communication Inc. ON THE COVER Cover model Hannah McIntosh lives in Capitol Hill and works downtown. She always wears an eclectic mix of vintage consignment and off-the-rack clothes on her bike trips. If you run into her be sure to say Hi DUNCAN BENNING When hes not managing his bike shop Transit Cycles Duncan can usually be found biking with his wife Rebecca and his kids Camilla 9 and Benito 6 to school and then pedaling to work. The family loves to ride because it allows them to spend time together be good to the environment and stay connected with the community. DAN BAUM The author of several books including Gun Guys A Road Trip Nine Lives Death and Life in New Orleans and Citizen Coors An American Dynasty Dan was also a staff writer for The New Yorker and has reported for the Anchorage Times The Atlanta Journal- Constitution and The Wall Street Journal. JEANNE EISENHAURE Through her Bike Stylish project Jeanne is on a mission to help further the perception of biking as fun accessible and aspirational. Always well dressed Jeanne shares her tips on biking stylishly in this months issue. Follow her on Facebook at Bike Stylish and Twitter bikestylish. CONTRIBUTORS 7 Welcome Letter 8 I Bike Seattle Meet locals who like to travel on two wheels 9 Pedal Smart Tips for bicycling Seattles new bikeways 11 Ride Up and Be Counted Measuring ridership with Seattles bike counters 13 Keeping it Slow and Safe for Kids Seattles Safe Routes to School Program 14 Kidding Around 3 ways to commute by bike with your kids 16 Getting from A to B Mix and match modes to get around 17 Pronto Cycle Share Promoting bike share for all MAJOR TAYLOR PROJECT CELEBRATES ITS 10TH SCHOOL 22 18 Biking 101 Getting started traveling on two wheels 19 Seattle Bike Map Where and how to get your copy 20 The Lowdown on Transportation Funding How Seattle pays for maintaining and improving streets 21 A Truckers Perspective How bicyclists and truck drivers can travel safely on Seattles streets 22 Major Taylor Project Celebrates its 10th School Sharing bikingand so much morewith teens 24 How to Bike Stylish in a Skirt Avoid the dreaded ash with these easy tips 26 Dress Yourself Up and Your Bike Too Check out some great brands that bring style to you and your ride 27 No Rider Ever Left Behind S.L.O.W. Rides with Senior Ladies On Wheels 28 Two-Wheeled Vacations Planning a bike overnight 30 Protect Your Ride 4 great bike locks plus locking dos and donts 33 Bike Clubs and Shops Plus where to nd biking events 34 The Final Mile How to train yourself to travel via two wheels instead of four ON THE WEB FOLLOW US Facebook.comBikeLifeCities BikeLifeCities READTHIS ISSUE ONLINE You can access this issue anytime. Share it with your friends by sending a link so they can read it too BLOGS Read fun stories and news about biking every day RESOURCES Were your one-stop shop for everything biking in Seattle from places to ride to events bike shops groups and more. TAKE OUR SURVEY What do you think about BikeLife Seattle What would you like to read or write about We want to hear from you. SIGN UP FOR OUR E-NEWSLETTER Well keep you up to date year- round on all kinds of fun interesting and newsworthy bike-related stories. BikeLifeCities BikeLifeCities CBBellCBBellPhotography 5 ENTER TO WIN COOL PRIZES For details and to entergo to BikeLifeCities.comSweepstakes15 Facebook.comBikeLifeCities BikeLifeCities BikeLifeCities Sweepstakes closes August 31 2015. Winners will be posted on Facebook Twitter and Instagram. Winners must reside in the contiguous U.S. PublicMariadelRio2012 WIN A BIKE FROM MORE PRIZES FROM welcome Catalyst Communication 2015 At the Seattle Department of Transportation SDOT were changing the way we design and deliver a transportation network that gives you the options you want when you need them. Were focused on building a system that is safe interconnected affordable vibrant and innovative. Mayor Ed Murrays 10-year strategic vision Move Seattle describes the path to achieve this goal. A key component of moving Seattle is Vision Zero our plan to end trafc deaths and serious injuries on our streets by 2030. One way we can help reach Vision Zero is to make riding a bike a safer more comfortable part of daily life for people of all ages and abilities. Here in Seattle were taking a two-pronged approach. First were installing neighborhood greenways and protected bike lanes to create a connected citywide network. Over the next ve years we expect to build 85 miles of these bicycle facilities. Second were developing programs to encourage people to try biking and understand how to do it safely. This magazine is part of this effort. As you ip through BikeLife Seattle youll learn about the basics trends in biking and our new bike share programwhere you dont have to own a bike to travel around our great city. I hope you enjoy our rst edition and share it with your friends and neighbors. Scott Kubly Director Seattle Department of Transportation Have comments or suggestions for future BikeLife Seattle magazine issues Email One of the 10 Best Bike Cities in North America Outside Magazine 1 RANKED Bicycle Friendly StateLeague of American Bicyclist 2015 2 of the Top 10 Best Protected Bike Lanes in North Amercia 2 Second Avenue and 6 Broadway PeopleForBikes 134 miles of bicycle facilities including multi-use trails cycle tracks and neighborhood greenways The 2014 Seattle Bike Master Plan proposes a network of 432 miles Seattle By The numbers 8 Most Bicycle-Friendly City Bicycling Magazine 6662 bike parking spaces in the city 16 protected bike lanes with more to come seattle.govtransportation 206-684-ROAD Seattle Department of Transportation Facebook.comSeattleDOT SeattleDOT 7 DAVID BONEHAM STREETLIGHT ENGINEERING SEATTLE CITY LIGHT What type of bicycling do you like best For the most part I commute via bicycle year-round and use the bus to aid me. How far is your commute Its usually a half-mile bicycle ride from my home to the bus. In summer or when the weather is dry and inspiring Ill ride the seven miles from work to home. What do you like best about bike commuting These rides home are a great way to unwind from the days work because I am able to combine a bucolic experience within my urban ride. Do you have a favorite ride in the city I often travel on the 26th Avenue SW Greenway. A pleasant and generally peaceful neighborhood ride southward takes me to the Greg Davis Park. Then I ride the Longfellow Creek Heritage Trail which is a wonderful natural setting with the sights and sounds of chirping birds and bubbling brooks. JESSICA LUCAS TEEN SERVICES LIBRARIAN SEATTLE PUBLIC LIBRARY Where do you like to ride All around the city and especially on the Burke-Gilman and Interurban Trails. How often do you ride I went from riding once or twice a week a couple of years ago to almost every day. My one-way commute is either 10.5 miles at or 7.5 miles hilly. I also get to ride with Books on Bikes a great outreach program through my work with the Seattle Public Library. We go to a few locations every summer. How did you start riding more often At rst it was hard because I was never as prepared as I wanted to be. As I started riding more though I found that keeping my bag ready to go next to my helmet and gloves really helped. Now I can be ready to get on my bike in minutes. What do you like most about bicycling I like the freedom from frustration. I dont worry as much about what other people are doing the scenery is beautiful and I have more time to take it in. I dont have to worry about parking and often I get to pass right by the trafc. I SEATTLE Meet locals who like to travel on two wheels 8 BIKELIFE SEATTLE WHY I RIDE PEDAL SMART Tips for bicycling Seattles new bikeways Youve got yourself a bicycle a trusty helmet lights and bright accessories. Now all that is left is to hit the open road. Please mind the law and be safe. Want to know more about how to ride on Seattles new bikeways Check out these tips What does the green pavement mean Green pavement highlights areas where bicycles and cars cross paths. The green pavement alerts both drivers and bicyclists to pay extra attention. How do I use the new protected bike lanes on Second Avenue Linden and Broadway and elsewhere Protected bike lanes are separated from the vehicle travel lane by bollards curb or parked cars. Similar to a trail protected bike lanes are often more comfortable for people who prefer not to ride in trafc. If the protected bike lane is two-way ride to the right of the lane follow the bike signals and remember to yield to pedestrians crossing. What are those markings in the bike lane near the trafc signal They are bike detectors and they tell the trafc signal when a person on a bike is waiting for the light to turn green. Markings indicate where to position your wheels on the pavement in order to change the signal. They can be either a bike symbol or a T. Can I ride my bike on the sidewalk In Seattle it is legal to ride your bike on the sidewalk. You must go slowly and always yield to pedestrians. If youre riding on the sidewalk look very carefully before crossing a driveway or intersection. Turning vehicles may not be expecting a person on a bike. 9 NEWS NOTES L ast year marked the rst year of complete bike counts for nine newly installed bike counters around Seattle. The Citys Bicycle Master Plan has a performance target of quadrupling ridership between 2014 and 2030. One way to measure our success is to count the number of people biking at various locations throughout Seattle and see if there is growth in ridership. Here are the results for 2014 and 2015 The increase in January was 28 percent and for February the increase was an astonishing 41 percent. To put these numbers in perspective the Fremont Bridge counter the only one to operate for all of 2013 had an 8 percent increase from 2013 to 2014. The increase from 2014 to 2015 was 12 percent. It appears that bike ridership in Seattle is on pace for another year of signicant growth. Weather can obviously have an impact on how many people choose to hop on their bikes and may be contributing to these impressive increases in 2015. Seattleites enjoyed a number of dry and warmer days in both January and February. Initial data for 2015 shows us that there is an increase in bicycle trips in Seattle and this growth is a positive sign well likely see more in the future. To meet and grow demand the City continues to add safer more comfortable bike infrastructure like neighborhood greenways on residential streets and protected bike lanes on busy streets to build a connected citywide network. Learn more about the bike data being collected projects being planned for the next ve years and performance targets and measurements at TransportationBikeProgram.htm. JANUARY 2014 FEBRUARY 2014 JANUARY 2015 FEBRUARY 2015 165389 143751 202344 211339 143751 202344 165389 211339 RIDE UP and Be Counted Measuring ridership with Seattles bike counters A bike counter on the Fremont Bridge recorded an increase of 12 percent from 201415. CityofSeattle 11 NEWS NOTES Seattle Area Tern Dealers Montlake Bicycle Shop 2223 24th Ave E Seattle 206.329.7333 Keeping it Slow and SAFE FOR KIDS Seattles Safe Routes to School Program T he Seattle Department of Transportations SDOT Safe Routes to School Program for kids encourages physical activity through walking and bicycling via the three Es engineering education and encouragement. While education and encouragement seem more apparent what is the engineering part Its the speed humps speed cushions traffic circles and other strategies to slow traffic near schools. Lowering vehicle speed is one of the ways Seattle improves safety on the walking and biking routes to school. National studies show that a relatively small reduction in speed can make a big difference in safety for pedestrians. In Europe these traffic calming devices are sometimes called sleeping policemen because they reinforce slower speeds and good behavior even at times when school is not in session making schools and playgrounds more accessible to neighbors at all times of the day throughout the year. The Institute of Traffic Engineers found a 13 percent reduction in collisions at locations where speed humps were installed. SDOT has been using and tracking the effectiveness of speed humps as well. After they were installed near schools the percentage of drivers exceeding the speed limit decreased dramatically 79 reduction in the speeding at Graham Hill Elementary 73 reduction in the speeding at Highland Park Elementary 88 reduction in the speeding at Olympic Hills Elementary. Perhaps most encouraging there was an 80-90 percent reduction in aggressive speeding 10 or more miles per hour over the speed limit at each school By making these kinds of improvements on streets near our schools we hope that more families will feel safer and be encouraged to get out walking and biking more. And thats a very good thing. FOR MORE INFO ABOUT SDOTS SAFE ROUTES TO SCHOOL PROGRAM VISIT Seattle.govTransportationSafeRoutes.htm SeattleDOT 13 NEWS NOTES MartinSundberg Commuting around by bike is fun. And its even more fun when you can get your kids involved too. If thinking about transporting your kids via two wheels seems intimidating with a little planning its quite doable. Read on for three ways to travel with kids that are easy and safe and sure to bring a smile to everyones face. kidding around 3 ways to commute by bike with your kids By Duncan Benning yuba cargo bike 20 BIKELIFE BOULDER COUNTY BIKE TRAILER A bike trailer is a great option for carrying kids ages one to six as well as cargo like groceries or backpacks. Most trailers have a maximum load limit of 100 pounds. Many trailers also offer various types of quick- release hitches enabling you to quickly remove them from your bike so you can ride unencumbered. Models come in a broad range of prices. The Thule Cadence 299.95 and Burleys top of the line DLite 629 are shown. WHATS A LONG JOHN Also called a Bakfiet this bike style is very popular in Europe. Because of their size though they are difficult to find in great numbers on shop floors in the U.S. That said if you look around you can find shops in many bike-friendly cities that sell them. Cetma Cargo is a brand built in southern California. They offer three different sizes the most popular is the Largo 4395 with space for two or three kids plus room for groceries. Do you get sticker shock looking at prices of the ways to commute with kids by bike Consider the following It costs an average of 9519 a year to operate a mid-size car. Source AAA 50 of all trips Americans make are 3 miles or less 40 are 2 miles or less 28 are shorter than 1 mile. Source PeopleForBikes What if you invested in some kid-carrying gear and took a few of these trips via bike Just think of the longer-term savings. PLUS youll leave less of a carbon footprint youll get exercise and youll always find a free parking space CARGO BIKE Cargo bikes are another fun way to commute with kids. They come in two general categories Long Tails and Long Johns see sidebar. Long Tails carry the bulk of the load behind the rider while Long Johns place the load in front. Xtracycle 14992899 and Yuba 12993499 are popular Long Tail brands. They each offer an array of accessories to help adapt their bikes to various types of use. For example XtraCycle allows you to use two child seats at the same time a child seat along with an older child or as many as three kids all sitting on the rear deck. All of this with plenty of space for cargo. Worried about carrying such a heavy load Some cargo bikes come with electric assist for an extra boost when pedaling. xtracycle thule cadence burley dlite cetma cargo bakfiet CHILD BIKE SEAT Child seats are similar to automobile booster seats and are designed to attach over the top of the back wheel of most standard bicycles. These seats make great child carriers for a younger child beginning at about one year old. Most seats have a maximum weight limit of about 45 pounds. One popular brand is Yepps Maxi Rear Bicycle Child Carrier 229.95 made of shock-absorbant water- resistant rubber. Topeaks Babyseat III 159.99 offers lots of features and adjustability at a good value. yepp maxi topeak babyseat iii 21 I ts easy to forget when you travel by bike that you dont have to complete or start your trip using the same mode. Its about choices. So pick the combination of modes that works best for you from biking to busing bike share to car share. TRY THE BUS Too tired to conquer the last hill on the way home Hop on a Metro bus for the first or final mile. Loading your bike on the bus is easy 1. As the bus approaches have your bike ready to load from the curb side of the bus. 2. Alert the driver before stepping in front of the bus with your bike. Make sure the driver acknowledges your desire to load. 3. Squeeze the rack handle upwards to release the folded bike rack. 4. Lift your bike onto the tray fitting the wheels into the slots. Each rack is labeled for front wheel placement. 5. Push in the black knob at the end of the support arm. Pull the support arm all the way out and over the top of the front wheel. The support arm needs to be as close as possible to the bicycles frame. ALL ABOARDMORE BUSES MORE OPTIONS MORE SEATTLE Thanks to Seattle voters the city will soon have more Metro transit service than ever before. Itll be easier to catch a bus in the middle of the day later at night and on your way to work. New service starts in June Learn more at Seattle.govTransit. A WINNING COMBOPRONTO CYCLE SHARE AND CAR SHARING Seattle is an innovative city full of transportation options. Say you live in Capitol Hill and want to go shopping downtown. No problem. Check out a Pronto bike and sail down the hill. Purchase a few things Instead of riding back up the hill use transit or your smartphone to reserve a car share vehicle to help get those bulky goods back home. The combo of car share bike share and transit gives you more choices on how you can get around the city. Learn more about Pronto on page 17 and visit Car2go.comenSeattle or Zipcar.comSeattle to learn more about car sharing. GETTING FROM A TO B Mix and match transportation modes to get around Watch a short video on YouTube to learn more www.YouTube.comwatchvZoE2MKHM7IA KingCountyMetro 16 BIKELIFE SEATTLE NEWS NOTES P ronto Cycle Share Seattles new bike share system provides residents and tourists with a fast convenient and affordable way to get around the city. With 50 stations 500 bikes and plans for expansion the systems iconic green bikes have quickly become synonymous with transportation and urban accessibility. Prontos docking system ensures bike security and frees users from bike maintenance. And the bike is a cinch to ride too. It has a sturdy step-through frame wide tires for a stable stance a comfy saddle an enclosed chain to keep your pants or skirt from getting dirty bright automatic LED lights and a broad range of gearing that can go from high-high to low-low at a ick of the wrist. Members simply use a card-key at the station grab a bike and go. Not a member No problem. On-site kiosks guide you through the process. From pricing and setting up new stations to education and outreach Pronto strives to make bike share relevant for a wide range of people. In December Pronto launched Affordable Housing Memberships to increase accessibility for low-income residents through partnerships with local housing providers. These memberships are discounted based on household income and advertised through iers translated in seven languages. To encourage participation Pronto hosts onsite Street Skills 101 classes. Social equity and accessibility are at the forefront of Prontos mission says executive director Holly Houser. We want to see people on bikes who may have never otherwise considered riding because its an easy and efcient way to get around. Prontos Equity Advisory Committee meets monthly and advises the Board on equity issues challenges and potential solutions. As a result Pronto has introduced a monthly installment payment option for annual members and in late January Pronto became one of the few systems in the country to offer discounts for seniors. Other efforts include a partnership with Bank On to offer no-fee no-minimum bank accounts to low-income individuals and discounts on membership. This March the organization announced Seattles rst-ever Womens Bike Month. With only 36 percent of Pronto annual members identifying as female we wanted to raise the prole of WomenWhoBike and increase female ridership in Seattle says Shae Healey Pronto marketing manager. In 2015 Pronto plans to expand into Seattles Central District Yesler Terrace and Little Saigon neighborhoods and will begin a study to look at bringing bike share to the Rainier Valley. Look for more green bikes soon PRONTO CYCLE SHARE Promoting bike share for all Since its launch in October 2014 Pronto has 2573 annual members 10094 short-term pass holders 120846 miles ridden by all 58623 trips ridden by all as of 42815 PeopleForBikes 17 FUN STUFF BIKING 101 Getting started traveling on two wheels G etting around town by bike is convenient easy quick inexpensive and best of all fun One of the best aspects is simplicity you really dont need much to get started. Anyone can do itjust roll up your pant leg and go Heres what you need to get started. A FUNCTIONING BIKE Youll need a bike that is comfortable and fits you properly. If your bike has been sitting in the garage for a bit have your local bike shop give it a tune-up. Before every ride check your ABCs Air Squeeze tires and inflate if needed tires should feel firm. Brakes Squeeze brake levers rock bike forward and back wheels should stay put. Release brakes and spin wheels wheels should spin freely. Chain Chain should move freely when you back pedal. Lube chain if needed. Also many bikes have quick releases instead of bolts that fasten the seat and wheels. Quick releases should be securely closed. A HELMET You should wear a helmet not only to protect your head in case of a crash but also because its the law A properly fitting helmet stays put when you move your head. Be sure to wear your helmet level Y-straps snug around ears and under chin. A LOCK Prevent theft by investing in a good lock. We recommend a U-lock as many cable locks are easily cut. When locking your bike park in a visible location lock the frame and both wheels if possible and take off lights and any other easily removed accessories. LIGHTS See and be seen Washington law requires a white headlight and a red rear reflector. But we strongly encourage also using at least one rear light. The more lights the better. These tips come courtesy of the Cascade Bicycle Club. BikeWorks 18 BIKELIFE SEATTLE FUN STUFF TAKE A CLASS Does riding your bike or keeping it tuned seem like a mystery It doesnt have to be. Cascade Bicycle Club offers classes for all ages and skill levels where you and your family can learn everything you need to know to be a confident educated cyclist. Check out all of the class offerings at Cascade.orgLearn. Beyond these basic necessities there are a few other items that may enhance your comfort safety and enjoyment biking. Here are some top picks or poll friends and colleagues about their favorites. A BIKE MAP Use the Seattle Department of Transportations bike map which shows hills and quiet streets. RAIN PROTECTION Investing in good rain gear is investing in comfort. Jackets with a long ducktail protect your backside from getting wet and dirty while waterproof bags will keep your cargo dry. Rain pants gloves and shoe covers are popular during the colder wetter months. Additionally fenders keep you your bike and those riding behind you drier and cleaner when riding in the rain. A BACKUP PLAN It never hurts to carry a bus pass in case of bad weather or mechanical mishaps. CascadeBicycleClub O ne of the Seattle Department of Transportations most popular publications is the Seattle Bike Map. A new version is produced every year to reflect progress being made to build a citywide bike network for all ages and abilities. The map presents information about riding a bike in Seattle in a clear easy-to-use and friendly format. PRINT Visit Seattle.govTransportationBikeMaps.htm to download the map or order a paper copy free of charge. ONLINE You can also plan your trip in advance by using the new interactive online bicycle map. Its designed to appeal to the various comfort levels of riders frequent average or occasional. Check it out at Seattle.govTransportation BikeMapOnline.htm. SEATTLE BIKE MAP CityofSeattle 19 THE LOWDOWN on Transportation Funding How Seattle pays for maintaining and improving streets S eattle is working to make riding a bicycle a comfortable and integral part of daily life in the city for people of all ages and abilities. Our Bicycle Master Plan BMP lays the foundation for creating a citywide bicycle network. Making bicycling easy and appealing is important. Bicycling is cheaper than owning or driving a car it has health benets its good for the environment it saves wear and tear on our streets and it can provide economic benets too. Folks are often interested in how we fund transportation maintenance and projects and how much is dedicated to improving bike facilities. So we thought wed share a little summary. Seattle pays for maintaining and improving streets sidewalks bike facilities bridges transit signals and more through over 40 different sources of funding. The largest sources are the Citys general fund the Bridging the Gap BTG Levy and the commercial parking tax. The gas tax is just a minor source of funding about 3 of overall funding. Vehicle license fees make up another 1.8 of the Citys transportation budget. These sources leverage grants and partnerships from other levels of government and private entities. About 6.5 million of the Citys 429 million transportation budget is directly allocated for bicycle capital improvement projects in 2015. Large capital projects such as the Mercer Corridor project often also include new bike facilities. About two- thirds of these funds come from BTG the transportation levy that expires later this year. The levy stipulates what percentage of revenues can be spent on certain categories 67 for maintenance 18 for pedestrian bicycle and safety improvements and 15 for transit and major projects. Our goal is to provide an affordable easy to-use reliable transportation system that gives you the options you want when you need them. The City is collecting input on a draft proposal for renewal of the Bridging the Gap Levy called The Transportation Levy to Move Seattle. LEARN MORE AT Seattle.govTransportationLevytoMoveSeattle.htm SeattleBikeBlogandGOFamilyCyclery 20 BIKELIFE SEATTLE NEWS NOTES S DOT is serious about creating a safer Seattle. With its Vision Zero program Seattle is committed to ending trafc deaths and serious injuries on the streets by 2030 especially people walking and biking as they are most vulnerable to death and injury. Focusing on education and informing both people biking and driving trucks about aspects of each mode is important. Being aware of the numerous limited sightlines from a truck helps bicyclists better understand the everyday difculties of traveling throughout the city in a large truck. The following interview sheds some light on the difculties of driving a truck in Seattle and how everyone can stay safe. Sara What is it like to drive a truck around Seattle particularly around people riding bikes Warren Its challenging. You are constantly looking in all your mirrors watching the pedestrian countdown signals to determine when you may need to stop at a trafc signal looking ahead to where you are travelingall in anticipation of stopping starting again and being aware of your surroundings. What I hope is that the Seattle community understands that trucks are a part of this city and that drivers are on the streets to serve the public by moving their goods. Sara What precautions do you take when driving adjacent to people riding bikes Warren I expect bicycle riders are going to follow the rules of the road. Sometimes you leap frog with the bicyclists which is okay. I expect that bicycle riders will behave in a predictable legal manner so that I do not have to take special precautions when driving next to them. Sara How has bicycling infrastructure changed since you have been driving a truck Warren I feel that we have not made bike facilities predictable. If people riding bikes have their own separated facility then I will be better assured that they are following the rules of the road and act accordingly not causing surprise movements that a truck driver cannot react to. People who bike need to be aware that truck drivers have limited sight lines. It is important that people riding bikes behave in a predictable manner and follow the rules of the road. Warren Aakervik is the retired owner of Ballard Oil. A TRUCKERS PERSPECTIVE How bicyclists and truck drivers can travel safely on Seattles streets Sara Zora from the Seattle Department of Transportation SDOT interviewed Warren Aakervik the retired owner of Ballard Oil and chair of the Seattle Freight Advisory Board about trucks and bicyclists traveling in harmony in the city. WarrenAakervik 21 MAJOR TAYLOR PROJECT Celebrates its 10th School Sharing bikingand so much morewith teens S even years ago the Cascade Bicycle Club launched the Major Taylor Project with just two sets of Redline bicycles. Still in use today the bicycles have transformed the lives of the many students who rode them as well as the parents volunteers members and staff that surround them. The Major Taylor Project MTP is a year- round youth development program focused on creating opportunities for teens from underserved and diverse communities to connect with the outdoors and establish healthy lifestyles. This year the eet of bicycles will grow to 150 as the program expands to a 10th site Lincoln High School in Tacoma thanks to a collaborative effort from Group Health Cooperative the City of Tacoma Cascade Bicycle Club and Lincoln High School assistant principal Logic Amen. Expansion to Tacoma is the continuation of a commitment to diversity and inclusion and improving lives through bicycling. Its about exposing youth to new experiences by giving them access to discover new places powered by their own strength This article comes via guest writer Ed Ewing Cascade Bicycle Clubs Director of Diversity and Inclusion. LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS AMAZING PROGRAM AND HOW YOU CAN GET INVOLVED AT Cascade.orgLearnMajor-Taylor-Project PhotoC.B.BellIII As MTP celebrates this milestone I reect on the progress weve made and the fact that our mission remains unchanged our commitment unbroken and our purpose clear To support the goals and dreams of the students and the communities in which they live. This was particularly evident as I rode the streets of West Seattle Delridge Burien Seatac and White Center in April during Cascades rst annual Ride for Major Taylor fundraising event. As I rode with MTP students alumni and donors we passed the schools and communities we now serve and I remembered the many students whose lives were transformed by this beautiful vehicle of change. It also took me back to my personal experience with biking. My family grew up in a predominantly African- American neighborhood. My parents sacriced dearly to send my brother and me to private school. Dad was an avid golfer and rode his bike to work every day. My brother took to golf I took to bike racing. MTP is so much more than a bike program though. Its about exposing youth to new experiences by giving them access to discover new places and powered by their own strength watch them gain condence self-awareness and empowerment. Thats exciting stuff 22 BIKELIFE SEATTLE AllphotosCBBellCBBellPhotography FUN STUFF Heres what students and supporters have to say about the Major Taylor Project It is simple. The Major Taylor Project showed me how to enjoy the outdoors on a bike. Before MTP I used to play video games for about 10 hours every day. My favorite part is to discover things around my community like when we went to Angle Lake Park. I never noticed it when driving by. After we went there on bike club I now take my little sister there every other weekend.Francisco Juarez Major Taylor student After STP I felt such a sense of accomplishment. I felt like I could do anything. Olyad Beyene Major Taylor student People ask how do you get kids to ride 200 miles in a weekend To me its a no- brainer we set the expectation and provide the support. Ed Ewing Director of Diversity and Inclusion Cascade Bicycle Club They are going into places on bikes theyve never been before. It expands their scope of how they think about themselves and how they see themselves in the world. Rick Harwood Principal Global Connections High School Someone brought me a bicycle and changed my whole world. Mark Turner Major Taylor supporter Wow I did it I didnt know that feeling. Ive never had that feeling before Linda Ba Major Taylor student thoughts on nishing STP. STP stands for the Group Health Seattle to Portland presented by Alaska Airlines Cascade.orgRide-Major-Rides-Group-Health- STPAbout-Ride. This is Major Taylor Projects largest ride with 10000 participants and 206 miles Seattle to Portland. Over 150 MTP students have completed the ride Mention this coupon for 10 off Expires 83115 SEATTLES ONLY BIKE-THEMED GIFT SHOP Kitchen items Home decor Jewelry Books Nuu-Muu exercise dresses Only place in Seattle Proceeds Support Advocacy in the 1 Bicycle Friendly State 314 1st Ave. South Historic Pioneer Square MF 930430 TanyaDueriPhotography F irst a quick discussion about the type of bike you ride If you have a step-through frame a bike with a dropped center tube biking in a skirt is much easier. If you have the standard triangle-framed bike you have to get a little creative. Here are my top tips based on the type of skirt you want to wear. Mini-Skirt or Pencil Skirt. Since these are often tight I recommend choosing a stretchy option that will allow for more comfort and exibility while you ride. If your skirt is super short and tight one option is to hold down the center of the skirt to your seat with one hand while you ride. There is no getting around the awkwardness of this move and it can be tricky and possibly dangerous so I recommend wearing short spandex shorts underneath your skirt to avoid ashing your skivvies. Bikie Girl Bloomers are a fun option Knee-Length Skirt. These are the easiest skirts to bike in with enough material and coverage to easily avoid ashing as you ride. Wind can be an issue with these skirts so consider investing in a skirt weight visit for more on this cool product or check out the Penny in Yo Pants video on YouTube. When you get off your bike scoop the skirt material between your legs so you avoid ashing. Long Skirt. Tie the extra material in a knot at the side of your thigh so it doesnt get caught in your pedals or bike chain. When you dismount hold the material between your legs or nd a wall or an alleyway to hop off your bike near your destination. Remember ashing a wall is ne Now throw on your cutest skirt and get out and bike stylishly Jeanne Eisenhaure writes about being bike stylish on her blog I get this question all the time I would bike buthow would I wear a skirt and ride without ashing everyone My answer Its simple Here are a few tricks to make pedaling in a skirt no matter what the lengtha breeze. HOW TO BIKE STYLISH IN A SKIRT Avoid the dreaded ash with these easy tips By Jeanne Eisenhaure 25 DRESS YOURSELF UP AND YOUR BIKE TOO Check out some great brands that bring style to you and your ride Tarik Abdullah owner of T-Leatherworks models the Madrona Commuter Pant made by Greenlite Heavy Industries. All their stuff is made by hand in Seattles historic Pioneer Square District. 195 Fun flowery flattering and fun Thats a Washington-made Nuu-Muu dress. Available in several styles and patterns these comfy stretchy dresses are quick-drying and wrinkle-free great for biking or other active pursuits. 75 Born in Seattle REIs Novara cycling line is full of fashion-forward designs like the womens Soulard Cycling Poncho. This wind- and water-resistant poncho with reflectivity will keep you safe dry and looking good. 99.50 Youll find some high- tech bike commuter wear with a fashion twist at the Arcteryx store at 400 Pike Street like the A2B Chino for guys and gals with a water-repellent finish and reflectivity on the back pockets and rolled-up cuffs. 119 Dress your bike up with some T-Leatherworks mud flaps. 20set Carry your precious cargo in Swift Industries hip and colorful Mini Roll Top Panniers handmade in Seattle. The best part you get to customize your bags Visit their showroom at 1415 NW 49th St. to design your perfect bags. 210set 26 BIKELIFE SEATTLE FUN STUFF No Rider EVER LEFT BEHIND S.L.O.W. Rides with Senior Ladies On Wheels D ont worry we say. We wont hurry The slowest rider sets the pace and we really mean it. Thats the mantra of S.L.O.W. Rides with Senior Ladies On Wheels. This photo of two women on bicycles was taken in Seattle on August 24 1898. Seattle had an extensive network of bicycle paths back then it would be two years before the first automobile arrived. These women were sharing the joyful freedom of bicycling together. I started S.L.O.W. Rides with Senior Ladies On Wheels to give my contemporaries a chance to rediscover that joyful freedom. Many of my friends parked their bikes in the basement years ago and now feel hesitant to get those bikes back out. In the three years since I retired Ive explored all around my hilly Central Seattle neighborhood to find calm low-traffic streets that bypass the steepest hills and connect with Seattles network of trails. Ive organized rides to showcase neighborhood assets such as pocket parks neighborhood greenways P-Patches public art and community events. S.L.O.W. Rides welcome riders of all ages and identitiesanyone willing to ride SLOW and enjoy the company of others. Almost all of the rides Ive led have included at least one other gray-haired woman one or two men and a few people half my age. This story is by S.L.O.W. founder Merlin Rainwater a retired nurse and participant in the Cascade Bicycle Club Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board and Central Neighborhood Greenways. S.L.O.W. Rides with Senior Ladies On Wheels are offered through Cascade Bicycle Clubs Free Daily Rides program. Helmets are required on all rides. You can find S.L.O.W. Rides and hundreds of other free rides at MerlinRainwater S.L.O.W. welcomes riders of all ages and levels. Its all about having fun on a bike W.H.WilcoxCourtesyofMuseum ofHistoryIndustry At first I was surprised that experienced riders would want to come along but it turns out people enjoy the relaxed sociable atmosphere and the chance to explore unfamiliar routes. And everyone especially loves to welcome the nervous rider with a bike freshly retrieved from the basement. 27 By Jim Sayer Planning a bike overnight What Do I Need Probably the easiest tour of all a bike overnight is most often a one- or two- night bike trip from your front door or launching from a place you can drive or take a bus to. The beauty of a bike overnight is that you can use whatever bike you have handy and organize your trip around the bike your tness level and where you want to go. A simple bike overnight involves taking a credit card toothbrush and maybe a change of clothes and riding light to a hotel or hostel nearby for an overnight stay. If you have a rack on your bike you can strap on a camping kit and ride to a campground for an inexpensive escape. How Do I Get Started No matter what your approach check out for how-to articles and packing lists and dozens of stories for inspiration. They include the simple kind of overnights described above and a whole host of others including luxury overnights and big family gatherings. In fact the biggest category of stories covers family trips and bike overnights are a convenient economical way to introduce kids grandkids nieces and nephews to the wonders of bike travel. One of my favorite family stories is Jeff Mosers 10-mile trip from home to a nearby state park with his wife Kristy and son Charlie. It turned out to be their best family camping trip ever and got them hooked on bike travel. I had been reading Joe Kurmaskies book Metal Cowboy Tales from the Road Less Pedaled a collection of essays about his bicycle travels around the world which got me yearning for my own two-wheeled adventure shares Jeff. So my wife and I decided to plan a bike overnight to a nearby state park with Charlie. The family had a good mix of camping gear and was able to use their existing bikes along with a Chariot trailer to carry everything. Since we werent going too far away I gured we could carry a surplus of stuff and not suffer too badly says Jeff laughing that next time though he would hold off carrying a 5-pound Presto log. ChuckHaney TWO-WHEELED VACATIONS Over time Ive come to realize that many people have bikesor at least easy access to oneand yet not that many folks use it for one of the greatest experiences youll ever enjoy a bike tour. The usual reason I hear is that their bike isnt the right kind for a bike trip or they dont have all the gear needed to travel by bike. If thats your thinking too heres some good news A wonderful refreshing bike trip with minimal hassle and maximum fun is available to you right now. The bike overnight. The Mosers took their time pedaling and once at the park they set up camp and enjoyed dinner and a beautiful evening by moonlight falling asleep to the howls of coyotes in the distance. On the way home the next day I was already thinking about where we could go next says Jeff. Getting Your Friends in on the Ride Elle Bustamente is another fan of bike overnights. She and her husband and two kids have done numerous fun trips together. Elle decided to plan a camping overnight with two close girlfriends. One of my most favorite vacations was a 40-mile weekend trip with two of my dearest friends says Elle. Neither of them had really been on a bike in a while but still were willing to follow me on this mini-adventure. Elle notes that planning a short trip helps ease the fear of heading out on a grand adventure. With only a couple of nights on the road it doesnt really matter how light your bags are whether you forgot something or need to nd the time to train. We might not have looked much like real cyclists but we had plenty of food warm clothes and bikes that worked well enough shares Elle. And we were able to experience the local beauty at a pace that we could absorb it all in. Elle and her friends also took their time. We stopped as often as needed and had plenty of chocolate to stave off any bonking she says adding It was an incredible feeling to share that with my friends and watch their love for bike touring grow. We had the chance to catch back up tell new stories and sing as loudly as we possibly could while riding uphill Since we werent going too far away I gured we could carry a surplus of stuff and not suffer too badly says Jeff. One of my most favorite vacations was a 40-mile weekend trip with two of my dearest friends says Elle. Dont Wait Life is Not a Dress Rehearsal Thats a useful reminder from a friend of mine. I cant tell you the number of people who tell me they are going to try a bike trip but never do. The reasons are legion from lack of gear to lack of time. But now you know bike travel is as simple as hopping on a bike any bike and riding a few miles to a nearby campground or lodge. Dont let excuses get in your way. Commit right now to taking a bike trip in the next couple of months. Set a date and destination and invite friends or family. Once you try your rst bike overnight youll wonder why you never tried one before Jim Sayer is Executive Director of the Adventure Cycling Association which produces state-of-the-art maps organizes tours advocates for better cycling conditions and publishes Adventure Cyclist magazine. One of his favorite bike overnights was to Yellowstone Park with his teen daughters. Highlights include having loads of time to talk and groan while they climbed 7000 feet on Beartooth Pass enjoying a cramped hotel room and a pretty lame Adam Sandler movie and cruising the streets of beautiful Red Lodge Montana and nishing with a Mexican food and ice cream feast. Read more stories on fun bike overnights at Share your stories on our Facebook page. PhotosElleBustamentePhotosJimMoser Jeff Moser wife Kristy above and their son Charlie enjoyed a bike overnight to a local state park. A fan of bike overnights Elle Bustamente far right planned a fun trip with two girlfriends Bekah left and Marnie middle. 29 Protect Your Ride 4 great bike locks plus locking dos and donts F ace it having your bike stolen stinks. Close to 190000 bikes are stolen in the U.S. every year and that doesnt include the incidents that go unreported. Its important to lock your bike. A good lock offers two types of protection visual deterrence and a longer louder effort to break it. Thats why youll hear people singing the praises for U-locks. They look tough and take longer to saw through. Cable locks are more affordable but they can be clipped with a single effortif a thief has the right tools. By Becca Heaton WilMatthews2013Abus So consider this The more money you invest in a good sturdy lock the harder it will be for a would-be thief to steal your bike. And a new bike costs a heck of a lot more too. No lock is completely foolproof though. That said the following four locks will help protect your bike from the bad guys. 40 BIKELIFE BOULDER COUNTY SECURITY OF A U-LOCK WITH THE FLEXIBILITY OF A CHAIN Made of hardened steel this accordian-style lock makes it easier to secure your bike in sometimes awkward or tight places. Its simple to carry too the lock folds up and ts in a carrying case that attaches to the frame via Velcro straps or screws into bottle-cage mounts. 149.99 abus.comusa A NEW TAKE ON THE STANDARD BIKE LOCK This lock may not be right for your old refurbished commuter but if you have a nicer ride to protect and appreciate good design this sleek new lock may be worth the money. What we love A father-son engineering team designed this solid titanium lock to complement the beauty and simplicity of bikes. 159.99199.99 AnnChaneckaTucson DONT lock just your frame or just your wheel to the bike rack. Bicycle thieves can and likely will remove your wheel and steal the rest of your bike or vice versa. Also make sure your bike cannot be lifted over the top of the object to which it is locked. DO Lock BOTH the frame and your wheel to the bike rack. If its easy to release your front wheel place it by the rear wheel and lock both of them with the frame to the rack. DO lock your bike in a high-trafc area ideally with a constant ow of people going by and good lighting at night. DO register your bike and serial number with a local registration service or via the National Bike Registry Take a picture of your bike too. LOCK SMARTS Its a brutal reminder to come back to your bike and nd your wheels missing. Even worse is nding just one locked wheel and no bike. Opportunistic thieves look for unsecured or improperly secured bikes. WRONG WRONG RIGHT A U-LOCK WITH EXTRA REACH Securing your bike in the city is changing with different styles and shapes of bike racks. To accommodate this the Mini has an extender that allows for more variety in how and where you lock your bike. Lock your bike frame to a bike rack and capture either your front or back wheel with the extender. 85.95 A U-LOCK WITH EXTRA REACH Securing your bike in the city is changing with different styles and shapes of bike racks. To accommodate this the Mini has an extender that allows for more variety in how and where you lock your bike. Lock your bike frame to a bike rack and capture either your front or back wheel with the extender. 85.95 CABLE LOCK WITH KEVLAR TO INCREASE CUT RESISTANCE The Kevlar sheath around this cable locks hardy braided steel makes the Angola 50 percent harder to cut for would-be bike thieves. And the price is right for commuting. 29.99 Launched with a Kickstarter campaign Extension for odd-shaped bike racks 10000 lock combinations Folds up like this - 41 FUEL YOUR RIDE WITH THE ONLY 15-SECOND ONE-HAND ENERGY GEL. Isoride and GelSnapTM are trademarks of APAX USA Inc. Castle Rock CO 80104 USA. 2015 All rights reserved. Isoride Gel-Snap Energy Gel provides cyclists with a competitive edge in the form of great tasting carb-loaded gel that delivers high quality and easily-digested energy for endurance athletes of all levels. The slim and innovative package is highly portable and offers safe and efcient one-hand serving on the go with no mess or wasted energy gel. Its new Fast Efficient No Mess No Waste One-Hand Serving Visit us online to learn about the full range of Isoride endurance sports nutrition products. Check out these websites to learn more about biking events around the Puget Sound Region. Looking to find group rides biking meetings how to change a flat free commute workshops or just about any type of biking events try Seattle Bike Blog. seattlebikeblog.comcalendar Looking for an organized family ride or long endurance ride with some big hill climbs Visit the Washington Bicycle Ride Calendar bikingbis.comwashington-bicycle-ride-calendar-index Looking for group rides bike classes bike tours or volunteer opportunities Try Cascade Bicycle Clubs upcoming events web page cascade.orgcalendar Or stop by your local bike shop. Staff will be happy to share information on fun biking events. bike clubs organizations Arthritis Foundation Bike Classic Cycling Group Train for events. meetup.comthe-peoples-coast- classic-cycling-group Bicycle Meetups Various group rides. citiesuswaseattle Bike 2 Climb Cycling and climbing group. meetup.combike2climb B.I.K.E.S. Club of Snohomish County Group rides and weekend tours. Cascade Bicycle Club Group rides classes and more. Cyclists of Greater Seattle C.O.G.S. Great rides fun people and social events. Different Spokes Club for LGBT community and friends. Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance States largest MTB group. Evergreen Tandem Club Tandem biking. evergreentandemclub Marymoor Velodrome Association Track riding. velodrome.orgmva Native Planet Cycling Group rides. facebook.comgroups nativeplanetcycling Outdoors for All Rides and other activities for people with disabilities. Pacific Northwest Freeride Club Freeride mountain biking. www.meetup.comPacific- Northwest-Freeride-Club Rainier Riders Bicycle ClubMajor Taylor African American cycling group. Redmond Cycling Club Group rides. Seattle Bicycle Club Group rides. Seattle Electric Bikes Meetup Group rides. meetup.comseattle- electric-bikes-meetup Seattle International Randonneurs Long-distance rides. Seattle Recumbent Riders Recumbent bikes and trikes rides. meetup.comseattle- recumbent-riders SnoValley Velo Club Group rides. South Sound Cycling Friends Group rides. Meetup.comsouth- sound-cycling-friends Washington Bikes Bicycle alliance of Washington. Whidbey Island Bicycle Club Group rides. shops 2020 Cycle 2020 E Union St. Aarons Bicycle Repair 9988 15th Ave. SW Alki Bike and Board 2606 California Ave. SW Alpine Hut 2215 15th Ave. W ASUW Bike Shop 4001 NE Stevens Way Back Alley Bike Repair 314 1st Ave. S Bicycle Center of Seattle 4529 Sand Point Way NE The Bicycle Pull Apart 2312 3rd Ave. The Bicycle Repair Shop 928 Alaskan Way Bikesport 4810 17th Ave. NW Bike Works 3709 S Ferdinand St. Bike So Good 6107 13th Ave. S Bill Davidson Cycles 2116 Western Ave. Bobs Bike Board 5206 University Way NE Branford Bike 2404 10th Ave. E Cascade Bicycle Studio 180 N Canal St. Counterbalance Bicycles 2943 NE Blakeley St. Cycle University 3418 Harbor Ave. SW Dutch Bike Co. 4905 Leary Ave. NW Free Range Cycles 3501 Phinney Ave. N GO Family Cyclery 8417 Greenwood Ave. N Greggs Cycles 4 locations Hampsten Cycles 4200 NE 105th St. Hello Bicycle 3067 Beacon Ave. S Herriot Sports Performance 101 Nickerson St. JRA Bike Shop 8318 8th Ave. NW Mobile Bicycle Rescue 1961 9th Ave. W Montlake Bike Shop 2223 24th Ave. E Performance Bicycle 4501 Roosevelt Way NE The Polka Dot Jersey 121 Lakeside Ave. Rad Power Bikes 2288 W. Commodore Way RE Cycles 5627 University Way NE Recycled Cycles 1007 NE Boat St. REI 222 Yale Ave. N Revolution Cycles 9634 Roosevelt Way NE Ride Bicycles 6405 Roosevelt Way NE Seattle E-Bike 570 1st Ave. S Seattle Electric Bike 8310 8th Ave. NW Velo Bike Shop 2151 6th Ave. West Seattle Cyclery 4508 California Ave. SW Wright Brothers Cycle Works 219 N 36th St. 33 RESOURCES C limate change fitness and the price of gas are good reasons to transition from car to bike but the best reason is that using a bike for commuting or errands is infinitely more pleasant. When you ride you have the breeze in your face and you notice all kinds of thingsfrom lawn art to sprouting crocusesyou miss from behind a windshield. You feel connected to pedestrians and playing children and you arrive at your destination with no parking hassles your blood full of oxygen. Studies by the British New Economic Foundation reveal that cyclists find their mode of transport at least as flexible and convenient as those who use cars with lower stress and greater feelings of freedom relaxation and excitement. The trick is training yourself to reach first for the bike helmet instead of the car keys. Doing so is largely a matter of challenging your assumptions about how life has to be organized. Think you dont have time to get around by bike For trips of three miles or less riding is about as quick as driving because side streets and paths through parks make it easier to avoid stoplights and you can zip right past traffic. The workout youll get around town on a bike might even save you a trip to the gym. You may not be able to buy a weeks worth of changing habitsTraining yourself to travel via two wheels instead of four By Dan Baum groceries and pick up the dry cleaning all in one bike trip but that can be a good thing. When life slows to the speed of a bike you dont try to do too many things at once. To make the leap from car to bike dont demand too much of yourself. Your job may be too far to bike to but what about your local supermarket the hardware store the movie theater or the post office Instead of hitting these places while driving home from work try going home first and getting the bike its a great way to unwind and move your body after sitting all day. Put your helmet where you usually leave your keys so as you reach you can ask yourself Could I do this on a bike Its a matter of developing the habit and studies show that its never too late to break old ones and develop new ones. The Society for Personality and Social Psychology has found that it takes from 15 to 254 days to develop a new habit and that its easier if you use a natural disruption in your lifemoving a new job a vacationto change one habit to another because the cues on which your habitual behavior relied disappear. Even a small change presents an opportunity. Youll need of course a bike that youll be comfortable riding. It doesnt have to be brand new or cost a lot but it should fit you and be in good shape. Your local bike shop can help. Your local shop can also help you with the extras a rack to hold either baskets or panniers to carry things a good lock a helmet lights for front and back and for wet streets fenders. I got creative and zip-tied a seven-dollar lockable tackle box to my rack so I have a secure place to keep lights tools a spare tube a reflective windbreaker and a credit card. Once equipped start exploring alternatives to the big fast roads. Side streets parks schoolyards and alleys are a parallel universe that you may never have seen before and they can get you across town with surprising speed. Start slow. Choose nice days. Do one errand at a time. Its a head shift as much as anything to switch from car to bike. But its worth it. Dan Baum is the author of four books and was a staff writer for The New Yorker. He and his wife Meg enjoy biking and use bike share to explore a city whenever they can. ask yourself Could I do this on a bike IllustrationbyMikeReisel 46 BIKELIFE BOULDER COUNTY THE FINAL MILE