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BikeLife Tempe 25 Stay safe out there Traveling by Bus Bike Board Foot Car ith school back in session lots of students are biking to the ASU campus elementary middle and high schools. No matter how you choose to travel here are some tips to keep everyone safe GO WITH THE FLOW When riding a bike always ride on the right side of the street where motorists are more likely to see you. Plus its the law. PROTECT YOUR NOGGIN To protect your head bike helmets must fit snugly with the chin strap fastened. If your helmet has been hit or damaged at all or if it is a few years oldreplace it. FOLLOW THE RULES Whether driving or biking everyone needs to obey traffic signs signals and laws. The same rules apply to bicyclists as motorists. SHARE THE ROAD Do you know about the 3-foot law Arizona Revised Statute ARS 28-735 states motorists must provide a dis- tance of at least 3 feet when passing a bicyclist. Fines for violating this law are up to 500. WATCH OUT FOR EACH OTHER With so many people biking walking and driving we all need to be ultra-alert and stay aware of surroundings. NIGHT LIGHT Biking at night Be sure to have a light. The law requires a white headlight and rear reflector at night. Adding a blinking red tail light is a good idea too. STAY ON THE RIGHT TRACK When approaching light rail and railroad crossings never try to beat the train or stop on the tracks. Be alert look for flashing headlights listen for warning bells and horns and look both ways before crossing. W The3-footminimum itsArizonalaw