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I ts one of the regions most excit- ing family-friendly food-trucky biking-in-the-middle-of-the-road events. Get ready because Cyclovia Tucson returns to midtown Tucson on November 1 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and you and all of your friends are invited. Cyclovia Tucson encourages people of all ages and abilities to have fun while being physically active. You can ride a bike ride a skateboard push a stroller or walk a dog on streets without any car traffic You can enjoy a meal or snack from a new restaurant or food truck. You can listen to music and meet your neighbors. You can enjoy performers and dancers. But its more than a block party. Cyclovia Tucson reminds everyone that streets are public spacenot just for cars but for everyone. Events like Cyclovia Tucson help make cities healthier and more active and they are great for local businesses too The Fun Never Stopsat Cyclovia Tucson Mark your calendar for Sunday November 1 WalkitRideitSkateitWalkitRideitSkateitWalkitRideitSkateit Healthy activities gamesHealthy activities gamesHealthy activities games MusicMusicMusic Tucsons Best DJsTucsons Best DJsTucsons Best DJs MEET YOUR NEIGHBORSMEET YOUR NEIGHBORSMEET YOUR NEIGHBORS PerformersPerformersPerformers Cirque Roots hula-hooping ZumbaCirque Roots hula-hooping ZumbaCirque Roots hula-hooping Zumba 10 BikeLife Tucson Whatwillyoufind alongtheCyclovia Tucsonroute Geteventdetailsat