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BikeLife Tucson 11 HERE ARE A FEW OF THE WAYS CYCLOVIA TUCSON MAKES OUR COMMUNITY A BETTER PLACE TO LIVE AND BE ACTIVE Over 50000 Tucsonans attended the two Cyclovia Tucson events in 2014. Getting all of those people out of their cars means less-polluted air less wear-and-tear on our roads and a healthier more active Tucson. Cyclovia Tucson encourages people to get moving on the day of the event and inspires them to continue to be physically active all year long. Physical activity reduces ones risk of obesity heart disease diabetes and even some types of cancer. A study of Open Streets programs like Cyclovia Tucson found that every dollar spent on the program saved approximately 2.32 in medical costs. A 2014 Cyclovia Tucson survey found that collectively participants spent a quarter million dollars during the 5-hour event. DOG PARK DONNA R. LIGGINS COMMUNITY CENTER COMMUNITY GARDEN PROJECT KEELING ELEMENTARY SCHOOL MANSFIELD PARK U OF A CAMPUS CATALINA PARK STREETCAR STOPS 6TH AVE BUSINESS DISTRICT WAREHOUSE ARTS DISTRICT ROGUE THEATER HISTORIC Y 6TH 6TH ARTS DISTRICT TO THE PIMA COUNTY LOOP W GRANT RD BLACKLIDGE DR LAGUNA ST GLENN ST VENTURA ST LINDEN ST I 10 STONEAVESTONEAVE 6THAVE EUCLIDAVE ORACLE LESTER ST DRACHMAN ST UNIVERSITY BLVD SPEEDWAY BLVDBLVD W 6TH ST 7TH ST DELANO ST E GRANT RD SENECA ST I 10 6THAVE FONTANAAVEBIKEBLVD SAHUARO ST 4THAVEBIKEBLVD 6TH AVENUE HUB HISTORIC Y HUB KEELING NEIGHBORHOOD HUB MANSFIELD PARK HUB CYCLOVIA ROUTE STREETCAR ROUTE INFORMATION STATIONS RESTROOMS WATER STATIONS FREE BIKE REPAIR FREE YOUTH HELMETS MERCHANDISE ROUTE LENGTH 2.6 MILES MILES 0 0.3 0.6 I 10I 10 ROUTE LENGTH 2.6 MILES SUNDAY NOVEMBER 1 10AM - 3PM 5 MILES OF CAR-FREE CITY STREETS FOR WALKING BIKING ALL-OUT FUN MIDTOWN ROUTE featuring 4TH AVE. FONTANA BIKE BLVD.